Should’ve Been A Prequel To Jurassic Park

Dragon Teeth – Michael Crichton

Paleontologists, historical discoveries, science fiction, fiction, thrilling.

Rating: 8/10

Set in the year of 1876, William Johnson whom doesn’t wish to go touring of Europe wants to go with Paleontologist and Professor Marsh to the West to find fossils. After discussing with the professor to let him go, taking photography lessons, and convincing his family to let him go, William is ready to go West. Professor Marsh grows a bit suspicious of William, thinking that William is a spy that was employed by Edward Drinker Cope, Marsh’s was best friend into rival. Marsh abandons William behind because of paranoia. William comes across said “rival” and decides to go with him. This journey takes a turn for the worst.

I genuinely did enjoy this novel. Anything Michael Crichton writes is a masterpiece. However, I feel like this literature was a bit short and too quick paced. I prefer delayed gratification when it comes to thrilling science fiction. I feel as if maybe Crichton could’ve expanded this literature a bit more and go in depth. Otherwise it is phenomenal as Jurassic Park and The Lost World but sadly without the dinosaurs and playing with genetics. This feels as if this is a bridge to Jurassic Park since this is about strictly finding fossils and Jurassic Park explores the consequences of extracting DNA from amber to produce these extinct beings. Crichton should have mentioned like a familiar ancestor to John Hammond. I am not the author, but I feel like Crichton could have a lot of writing opportunities with this novel idea.