this was hilarious and fun to read

Reincarnated as a Familiar: Vol 1 – D.S. Craig

Magic, familiars, manga, light novel, fiction.

Rating 10/10

An elementary teacher gets hit by a box and falls becomes unconscious. When she comes to, she sees a rather large girl in front of her. Confused, she asks the young woman what happened. The young woman introduces herself as Lesti and tells her where they are at which is Alandrian Central Magic Academy. She begins readjusts to her new life and goes on a journey with Lesti.

This was so interestingly different and loved reading this light novel. A vastly different premise and plot than I am used to personally, but this was great. I would have preferred to read the manga version, but this sufficed for sure. The writing was great, and the characters were interesting. Interactions felt natural and the lore felt genuine. Can’t wait to find the manga to add to my collection, however.



The Bone Labyrinth: A Sigma Force Novel – James Rollin

Excavations, archeology, scientific world, voyages to the other world, special operations, military science, action, suspense, fiction.

Rating 8/10

Lena goes to Croatia, to an archeological site where she found the bones of a Neanderthal woman in a closed off chapel. Inside that site, there are artworks as well that depict society and the evolving brain that was humankind. The site is attacked and ransacked, leaving her and a few survivors straggling to get out of the cavern and questioning why the bones of a Neanderthal woman and to destroy the cavern. Commander Grey Peirce is on the case to go rescue and help. Whereas Monk and Kowalski are to talk with Lena’s twin, Maria, about their work. Maria explains that they wanted to know the mystery jump that happened that caused homo sapiens to be very smart and changed their ways of life. She and her sister think it’s a union between homo sapiens and Neanderthals. There’s so much danger that comes with this research because there are others hunting the same answers as Lena and Maria as well as wants them dead. This will take Sigma into the history and evidence of bones of human ancestors.

This was really intriguing and very adventurous. I enjoyed it so much, but it was a bit of a slow read for me personally. At the time of reading this novel I didn’t know that this was a series and I had read another book before this one and not know it was a part of a series. I plan to find out the first book of the Sigma Force series to read in order hopefully in the future. Overall, loved this indepth slow burn of a novel that kept me on my toes as well as kept me leaning towards reading rather than doing anything else. The author really panned out everything in the novel and made it very easy to read to understand the plot narrative.

very interesting…

The Time of Contempt: A Novel of the Witcher, Book 2 – Andrzej Sapkowski

Fantasy, video games, Netflix, fiction.

Rating 8/10

Geralt must protect Ciri until she can gain the control of her powers as well as her destiny for greatness. However, there are trouble at the Wizard’s Guild, someone wants to overthrow the guild and Triss must decide upon her life and her future. She is also enlisted to protect Ciri as well. The relative calm is destroyed by chaos overthrown by an unknown enemy.

I found this novel to be intriguing and interesting. However, the chapters are insanely long and bores me to death on the lengthiness. The chapters can be easily divided into smaller chapters and the story line would still make sense. Why does the chapters have to be so long? I would never understand nor want to understand because that is the author’s purpose. It’s the genre but I’ve read fantasy novels with much shorter chapters. Overall, I did enjoy the book besides the lengthy chapters. I won’t let that get to me much. I can’t get over with the interactions between the Witcher and Triss. Ciri is becoming dangerous kind of scares me since she is only a teenager.

might play the video game after reading this …

Blood of Elves: A Novel of the Witcher – Andrzej Sapkowski

Fantasy, video games, Netflix, fiction.

Rating 8/10

In a tavern, there is talk of Geralt, a Witcher, who rescued a little girl who is to become a Witcher. To them it is just a myth but somewhere far away Geralt is training the young Ciri. The myth is a reality. For she is destined for greatness according to the magician Triss that manages to find the Witcher kingdom. Both Triss and Geralt share a history that both rather keep distant. She tells Geralt that Ciri needs proper education and interaction with others besides constantly being trained. They take Ciri to go to school to learn properly. There are people after Ciri for who she is. Then all hell breaks loose and Geralt will do whatever it takes to protect Ciri.

This first installment of the Witcher books is all right. The plot is thoroughly driven with enough excitement to read. I love Triss and Witcher interactions, talk about sexual tension that cuts the air like a knife. Triss was mother hen mode when it came to addressing Ciri’s need for social interaction and education. Excellent writing style and unique storytelling overall. However, the chapters are really long, and I felt that the chapters could’ve been kept short or figured out a way to organize the chapters into smaller chapters. Each chapter felt longer and longer as I was reading the novel.

Nothing is as it Seems ..

The Mortal Instruments: Graphic Novel Volume 1 – Cassandra Clare, Art by – Cassandra Jean

Young Adult, fiction, fantasy, fiction.

Rating 6/10

Clary is at a bar with her friend Simon, enjoying the night life. Clary’s eyes catch onto some interesting people that only seem to only be visible to Clary. Clary returns home to receive news that her mother wants to move out of the city to the countryside for no logical reason. She heads out with Simon. After running into the guy, she saw the previous night, she gets a horrifying phone call from her mother that leaves her wanting to go see what’s wrong. Clary comes back to this monster that’s destroying her home. She doesn’t remember what happened when she wakes up in a hospital. These people who surround her are discussing what she is, she finds out that she isn’t human at all. All she knows is that her mother is missing, a whole new mystical world is revealed to her, and she must do what it takes to try to rescue her mother as well as navigate this new world.

This graphic novel felt plain and boring. It was a slow start and got a little interesting towards the end. I understand why this series was popular. I feel that the novel would be better than the graphic novel version of this. A lot felt missing and felt quickly paced rather than a slow burn. I might have to give this a reread to understand the concept of the work.

Meet Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn: Mad Love A Batman Novel – Paul Dini + Pat Cadigan

Science fiction, Harley Quinn, Joker, Batman, comics, Fiction.

Rating 10/10

Harleen Quinzel didn’t have a glorious childhood but she had her mother make the best out of it by helping Harleen achieve a passion in gymnastics. Harleen witnessed her father get mugged and arrested by police, was chased by these thugs, and saw that her dad went to prison only to get out by the time she graduated high school. After graduating, Harleen struggled to find what she was truly passionate enough until she came across psychology and instantly pursued that. After going through college, she got hired at Arkham Asylum. That is where she began her practice in psychology by helping the clinically insane. When she hears about the Joker, and when the Joker hears about her, they both pursue each other. After a few sessions with the Joker, Harleen is convinced that the Joker is just an innocent man who was wronged too many times and tried to make light of the world with his jokes. After his breakout and the Batman returning the Joker, Harleen becomes Harley Quinn and she goes and rescues the Joker out of Arkham Asylum. They spend some time together, committing crimes and running away from Batman, Harley gets caught and sent to Arkham Asylum. Harley gets treated and dons the Harley Quinn persona.

I love Harley Quinn; I have been obsessed with her for the longest of time. However, I don’t like how she fell for the Joker and changed herself to please him. I understand that this was a part of a bigger scheme of things, but I have to say that this is completely based off the comic book series as well as the various other character backstory of Harley Quinn. I want to be open and say this possibly unpopular opinion, I do not condone the manipulative relationship that Harley and Joker had. I really hope that people do not want to be like them in any way shape or form. I’m glad that she decided to leave him after seeing the abuse and manipulation. I liked her with Poison Ivy because I think she grounded Harley to her senses. Not everyone feels the same way but I’m merely sharing my opinion. I did like her from the Batman Animated Series how she kind of had a thing for The Batman, but I strongly gravitated towards her being with Poison Ivy. My passionate obsession with Harley Quinn never wavers. Overall, I love how this novel answered my questions about who Harley Quinn was before she met the Joker. I highly recommend for anyone who is a Harley Quinn lover to read this novel.