“This is the end, my only friend”

No One Here Gets Out Alive: The Biography of Jim Morrison – Jerry Hopkins and Danny Sugarman

Jim Morrison, musicians, biography, nonfiction.

Rating 9/10

To say that Jim Morrison’s younger years, before his band life career, was uninteresting will be wrong. Jim Morrison, son of an admiral, had to travel place to place constantly. Morrison had lived in numerous places and hadn’t maintained long term friendships but when he did, he got into mischief. Morrison joined a band during his film school life. Jim Morrison and Sam Kilman discussed starting a rock band, but Jim did not want to be the lead singer. Venice, California is where The Doors began. After some convincing tactics, Morrison was now confident to sing. Slowly as the newborn band get shows, Morrison did have some lovers along the way to fame. Records went higher and higher as The Doors band was gaining more popularity. Sadly, currently, Morrison was doing hardcore drugs. Like every other band, the bandmates had their bickering conversations and had them resolved. Until he and Pamela took a trip to France, that is where his story ends.

I am a huge fan of The Doors, mostly Jim Morrison. I had been hunting down this biography for a long time, only to find out that this nonfiction book was in my grasp. I had asked my best friend’s brother, who he is also a fan, if I can borrow this book to read. I am thankful he let me borrow this book. Online biographies only have so much about Morrison, this book had a lot from Morrison’s childhood to his end. Some information, I had already known prior to reading this biography. Other information such as his father was in the army and they had traveled a lot. Another fact was when Morrison was in his youth, he was a troublemaker with his friends and sort of weird. Who isn’t? Overall, I enjoyed learning more about my favorite band’s lead singer. Praise the Lizard King.