Nicholas Sparks is a genius

The Rescue – Nicholas Sparks

Contemporary, romance, fiction.

A single mother and her child are traveling through a storm when disaster hits. When she comes to and is rescued, she wonders where her son is. A search party to look for her son. She introduces herself as Denise and her son’s name is Kyle. The search wasn’t easy since her son was not fully capable of speaking. The firefighter that saved her tells her he will do all that he can to find her child. Taylor, the firefighter, always rescues women and once they want more from him, such as a committed relationship, he ghosts them. However, something about Denise makes him rethink that maybe he can fall in love. He grew close with Denise and her son. A romance slowly blossoms between them. 

I saw this on the shelf of many bookstores and always read the back but never added it to my cart. I have read only so few of Sparks books and I’m glad I decided to read this one. I needed a slow burn romance read that is uplifting and light. This novel brought just that with this narrative between Denise and Taylor. Sparks always finds a way to make these characters feel so alive and real with their interactions and dialogues. The writing was phenomenal and I actually was able to read this novel in one sitting. Overall this novel made me cry and laugh because of how these two characters interacted along with her son. As soon as Taylor began playing baseball with Kyle I knew that Taylor was going to be even more involved in Denise’s life. I definitely recommend this novel because it does melt hearts in good ways.


look at this photograph…

The Lucky One – Nicholas Sparks

North Carolina, romance, fiction.

Rating 10/10

Logan Thibault found a photograph of a woman in the dirt while serving in the Marines. This photograph has brought him immense luck of winning and surviving. He finds that this photo is his lucky charm. The woman on the photo is named Elizabeth and this causes him to cross the country to her. He learns that she is a divorced and mother of a young child. At first their relationship is rocky since he came out of nowhere. Elizabeth comes to love him more and more. Her son, Ben, gets along with Logan very well. Clayton, a man he met prior to venturing out to Elizabeth, is Elizabeth’s ex. Clayton threatens to tell Elizabeth the truth. Clayton reveals the truth to Elizabeth himself, telling her how Logan obtained the photograph. Elizabeth confronts Logan and Logan tells the truth. During their fight, Ben runs to his safe house in the middle of a storm. Logan and Elizabeth go hunt to find him. Afterwards, they learned that fate truly brought them together and love was the result of their fates.

I loved this novel and was the first Nicholas Sparks books I’ve read. I had read this one years ago and decided to reread and do a review because I loved this novel that much. I mean, one of my friends had recommended to me this and I ventured out to find this novel and several other Sparks books. This one was so good. I just don’t have other words to describe honestly other than one has to read for themselves. There is so much romance and enough drama to get the plot going. I couldn’t help but having to read the novel again even though I know what is going to happen, but it was worth the reread. The plot is so thick yet not too thick that the reader loses interest. There is perfect dialogue that is very natural and doesn’t feel forced as other romances I’ve read.

Lucky Find

The Lucky One – Nicholas Sparks

Romance, North Carolina, fiction.

Rating 8/10

Logan had hit luck when he won some poker games and its all because of a photo of a woman he had collected from his time during Iraq. His friend asks him if he knows the woman but unfortunately Logan had no clue who the woman is. He immediately begins a journey across the country to find this woman. When he did find her, he finds himself grateful and happy that he took a risk. A lucky risk.

I had read this a few years ago and the story made me tear up. I never had a book impact me so much like this novel had done. I sort of wished that there was a sequel or the book to have been longer. The idea of traveling all ends of the earth for the woman is so heartwarming. I had to pick this book off the shelves to reread this novel again. I can’t say enough words to describe how this novel makes me feel. I was recommended Nicholas Sparks to read and I plan to find more books to read by him. They are excellent. I highly recommend Nicholas Sparks to read for general fiction.