Cried In A Good Way

Two By Two – Nicholas Sparks

Fiction, romance, newly single father, family

Rating 10/10

Russell Green is a happily married man and had started a family with his wife, Vivian. Russell and Vivian had this beautiful baby girl together whose name is London. Life is great according to Russell until reality seeps in. He hates his job and wanted to branch off on his own. His wife who had taken paternity leave sees this as a threat and gets a job. At first Russell is glad of that but his wife is gone most of the time. His family had told him that he should’ve not married Vivian. Anyways, due to his wife’s spending frenzies things break down badly. Since she is gone most of the time now rather than him being gone, he realized how much he had missed in raising his daughter, London. He takes a journey learning all about his daughter. Slowly as time progress he had found an old flame and rekindling his relationship with her as their kids get along as friends. Russell and Vivian are not on good terms mostly due to her making plans without him being notified first. Her job changes the whole family dynamic and thrusts Russell into being a single parent.

I was not a huge fan of the idea of reading a Nickolas Sparks’ books because of the mainstream books that were turned into films. My friend recommended me one of his books and I had found this instead of the recommended book. I thoroughly had enjoyed this book. It made me laugh, made me cringe, made me angry, and it made me cry. A whole rollercoaster of feelings with just one book. I would recommend reading this one for sure. I plan to reread it again in the near future.

Sparks, Nicholas. Two by Two. Vision, an Imprint of Grand Central Publishing, 2018.