not gonna finish this series.

Scythe – Neal Shusterman

Death, reaping, young adult, fantasy, science fiction, dystopian, fiction. 

Rating 7/10

Citra and Rowan are chosen as Scythe apprentices to practice the art of reaping. Since the world is nearly perfect where death is not as easy to happen, someone has to reap to keep the population in check. Faraday chooses Citra and Rowan to train even though they do not want to become the reaper of death. He increases intensity and importance by forcing them to make the ultimate decision. Who gets to become the reaper while the other has to be reaped by the new reaper. 

I loved the idea of reaping in this dystopia but I found this too predictable. I loved the writing and world building. The characters are really diverse and each person of the novel has such a rich character development. I know this is a series but I do not wish to continue the series. Maybe down the line I might change my mind. I mostly got this book because I recalled reading one of Shusterman’s books before. I read one of his children series that was really well written and I loved those books. The author writes phenomenally and I would recommend any of his works. Expect uniqueness and intensity with the works.


Stranger Things but Funnier and less Scary

The Lost Causes of Bleak Creek – Rhett McLaughlin + Link Neal

Humorous fiction, science fiction, adventure, fiction.

Rating 10/10

Leif And Rex are just normal kids living out their lives and wanting to get into filming. Their friend, Alicia, helps them film a scene for Polterdog, their film that’s like the poltergeist but instead of a ghost it’s a ghost dog. After a terrifying incident at a BBQ, Alicia is sent to this reform school that’s been utterly horrifying. Once kids go in, they either leave with no emotion or they have been proclaimed dead in an freak accident. Eager to get her out, they do some investigating with Janine and her sister who went there. They find out that the spring that’s inside the reform school property is a cursed spring. The reason why the headmaster needs the kids is to revive his daughter who was taken by this river spirit. Rex and Leif do the impossible to rescue not only to rescue their friend but other kids who have been in the river for a long time.

I was recommended to read this and I’m a fan of Good Mythical Morning. I had to read this book because the cover art was so intriguing, and the brief summary caught my attention. I loved how Res and Leif were exactly like Rhett and Link. There was enough science fiction, humor, and thrilling aspects that made me binge read this novel within two days’ time. I enjoyed this novel so much that I plan to reread this novel in the near future. I highly recommend anyone to read this novel. This was like if Stranger Things was set in the south, had more humor, and less drama.

Innocents lost in LINGO

Everlost: Book 1 of SkinJacker Trilogy – Neal Shusterman

Traffic accidents, death, future life, spirit possession, young adult, fiction.

Rating 9/10

Allie and Nick got into a car crash. Neither of them survives and they don’t grasp what happened to them immediately. Up until a boy their age tells them what and where they are. They are in a world between heaven and hell, trapped in a limbo called Everlost. Nick adjusts to this new life in the afterlife. Sadly, Allie is not satisfied and wants to be alive again. Allie does whatever it takes to rejoin the living even if she must take another body.

I read this novel when I was younger and was intrigued with the plotline and the contrasting characters. I found myself finishing the novel quickly as it was a small novel but there is a lot of plot. Later on I decided to reread the novel recently and found myself enjoying the novel more and more.