Mermaids, Dragons, Phoenixes, Vampires.. Oh My

Siren Prophecy 1: Shifted – Tricia Barr, Jesse Booth, Joanna Reeder, Angel Leya, Alessandra Jay

Mythological creatures, science fiction, fantasy, fiction, young adult

Rating 10/10

Myreen, a teenager whose mother moved around many times had always wondered why they kept moving around and the rules. Rules such as no staying out after dark and never go swimming. Up until Myreen had it with the rules decides to defy her mother and go out with her new friend Kenzie. After coming home to find her mother dead and a guy taking her off to a school where there are shifters. Oberon introduces her to a whole new world her mother kept from her as well as the fact that Myreen is a mermaid. Myreen has trouble shifting but later on finds out she is a chimera, she can shift into more than just a mermaid, she’s also a siren and part vampire. She is now being hunted by not just any vampire but her father. Myreen sees why her mother had to protect her and forgave her a little.

I really enjoyed this book and can’t wait to read more of this series. Not much more to say other than this was an incredible book that had a plot twist.


Creepy YA Novel

Twilight – Stephanie Mayer

Young adult, fiction, romance, mythology, vampires, werewolves, teenagers, drama

Rating 2/10

This infamous book, “Twilight” by Stephanie Mayer, is about a teenager falling for a vampire. Bella Swan meets Edward Cullen at a high school and he is, at first, not intrigued by her. After an incident of a near death experience, Bella seeks out Edward to see what he is. Even when he reveals what he is, a vampire, she isn’t afraid of him. Family friend of her dad’s and childhood best friend both warn her about the Cullens but fail to take that advice. He introduces her to his family and they like her to a certain extent. Then, another coven of vampires’ trespass on the Cullen’s land one of them caught scent of Bella who is human and thus begins to hunt her down. It takes the entire Cullen coven to protect Bella. Bella gets nearly turned or killed by a vampire and she is rescued by Edward once again.

I never truly understood the whole hype of the Twilight series when it first came out. I only had read this because I was intrigued by mythological creatures such as werewolves and vampires. I didn’t like Mayer’s depiction of vampires because it goes against the lore. However, I had been a sucker for the series and read all of them in one swift binge reading fest. I was sort of hoping she would’ve fallen for her childhood best friend because he seemed normal. What creeped me out is that an older vampire, who is one hundred and seven-year-old, was in love with a seventeen-year-old. Talk about pedophilia. I had seen the movies and the movies could’ve been better if someone else played Bella Swan. Not sorry Kristen Stewart. Sadly I do not do movie reviews as I am not big on movies.

Meyer, Stephenie. Twilight. Little, Brown and Co., 2007.