Mermaids, Dragons, Phoenixes, Vampires.. Oh My

Siren Prophecy 1: Shifted – Tricia Barr, Jesse Booth, Joanna Reeder, Angel Leya, Alessandra Jay

Mythological creatures, science fiction, fantasy, fiction, young adult

Rating 10/10

Myreen, a teenager whose mother moved around many times had always wondered why they kept moving around and the rules. Rules such as no staying out after dark and never go swimming. Up until Myreen had it with the rules decides to defy her mother and go out with her new friend Kenzie. After coming home to find her mother dead and a guy taking her off to a school where there are shifters. Oberon introduces her to a whole new world her mother kept from her as well as the fact that Myreen is a mermaid. Myreen has trouble shifting but later on finds out she is a chimera, she can shift into more than just a mermaid, she’s also a siren and part vampire. She is now being hunted by not just any vampire but her father. Myreen sees why her mother had to protect her and forgave her a little.

I really enjoyed this book and can’t wait to read more of this series. Not much more to say other than this was an incredible book that had a plot twist.