Alcohol, Playground Scandals, Gossip Never Ends Well

Big Little Lies – Liane Moriarty

Parents, children, murder mystery, gossip, scandals, fiction, thriller, domestic violence victim, single mother.

Rating 8/10

A new and single mother, Jane moves into this town hoping to find herself a permanent home for her and her son. Jane meets two other mothers, Madeline and Celeste. An incident happened at the kindergarten orientation and Renata, one of the big shot mothers, is blaming Jane’s son, Ziggy for hurting her Amabella. Ziggy never did harm Amabella but it’s a showdown between Jane and Renata. This scandal is only the beginning when a trivia night ends with a murder. A mix of alcohol and scandalous gossip tend to reveal truths and nothing good happens in the end. A murder resulting from too much alcohol, domestic violence, and a case of post traumatic stress disorder.

I loved this novel and the author is perfect. The plot line was perfectly written, and intricate truths revealed here and there made the novel juicer. I simply couldn’t stop reading. The only issue I had was with the parents who decided to be self-righteous, prudent, and gossip spreaders. It did add some drama, but I didn’t like that element. I loved the fact Jane decided to become a single mother rather than give up. The strength and the extent she went for her child was beautiful and how she was accepted for it was incredible. This novel sent many messages that a lot of parents should take note such as listen to all the children when it comes to bullying and deal with it appropriately. Don’t single out anyone because that is bullying.


Eh This One Was Okay..

Asclepius – Christopher M. Rutledge

Assassination attempt, investigation, alternative medicinal doctors, conspiracy theories, murder mystery, thrilling, fiction

Rating 6/10

Doctor Geoffrey Chance Du Bois is an alternative medicine doctor who was targeted and was nearly assassinated in his own home. He isn’t the only one that’s been recently targeted. His fellow collogues were targeted and murdered as well. Some theories of their timely deaths might be the pharmaceutical industry, someone who isn’t afraid to get their hands dirty. More and more deaths happen as it’s a race to catch the serial killer.

This small novel of one hundred and fifty-three pages could’ve been more thrilling. However, I am a fan of small murder mystery novels. This was exceptionally good and well written as well as thoroughly thrilling till the end. It was very different from what I have read before.