“I’m your biggest fan”

Misery – Stephen King

Horror, fiction.

Rating 10/10

Paul Sheldon gets into a car accident on his way to go to a hotel to write another book. Later he finds out he was saved by someone, but not just anyone. His number one fan, Annie Wilkes, comes and rescues him. During the unconsciousness of Paul’s state, Annie had been taking care of Paul. Ensuring Paul’s identity, Annie sees that he is the famous author of her favorite book series he writes, Misery, which is about a woman by the name of Misery Chastain. Paul is grateful for being nursed back to life but wonders about what could’ve been during his drug induced states. Annie tells him, he owes her a lot for her rescuing him. He can’t understand her antics and anger fits. He tries his best to survive this horrible and psychotic fan.

I enjoyed reading this one. One of my ultimate favorite Stephen King novels I’ve read so far. I love the horror aspect of a crazy superfan holding someone hostage over a sad ending to a series. I simply can’t ever imagine the utter possible reality of what authors might fear. This novel was a page turner and addicting to read. I am a huge fan of Stephen King’s works because they are infamous for being ultimately horror thriller. I recommend this novel to start or ease into reading King’s works. I consider this one to being mild in contrast of other works that are more intense.