Scandalous Letters

The Last Letter from Your Lover – Jojo Moyes

Romance, drama, memory loss, fiction

Rating 7/10

Jennifer woke up with no recollection of her life after an accident. She feels as if this life she was living is wrong and everyone is so peculiar around her. Meanwhile, more than a century later, Ellie has stumbled across these love letters between Jennifer and Anthony. Ellie is on the hunt to figure what had happened to the lovers and comes across the romance she yearns for herself. Ellie sees that Jennifer didn’t love her husband at all and this was similar situation she, herself, was in. After reading these letters, Ellie feels empowered to go after what her heart truly wants.

I love this book and its very different from the novels I’ve ever read. The woman having the affair instead of the man having the affair. Very different and I enjoyed reading this novel. It made me wish that the protagonist, Jennifer, just divorce and go with this Anthony guy who appreciates her more than her husband does. However, I didn’t write this novel and don’t question the authors purpose. Nonetheless, this novel was so good I highly recommend this book.


Memories… Forgotten and Regained Here

What Alice Forgot – Liane Moriarty

Fiction, memory loss, amnesiacs, memory, divorce, domestic, life change, children, family, drama

Rating 10/10

After a nasty fall at a spin class, Alice Love had forgotten an entire decade of her life. Meaning she only remembers marrying Nick and becoming pregnant. She already has three kids and getting a divorce. Shocking! Alice is trying to navigate with her amnesia and getting reacquainted with her life. It isn’t easy for Alice to try to grasp why she is going through a divorce and is apart of the parent club at her children’s school. Her own children help Alice put the pieces together as well as understand the whole divorce as well as introduce themselves to Alice. As time progresses, Alice slowly remembers what happened in the past ten years of her life. A best friend died. An affair happened with her best friend’s husband with another woman. Even all the gossip with the parents at the elementary school. An incident occurred with Alice and Nick’s child and they reminisce the past. Nick offers to give their marriage another chance. Even their children want them to get back together too. At an event, all Alice’s forgotten memories come flooding back. Things go back to normality.

This book was incredible and was so addicting, a real page turner. I was sort of expecting that amnesia would be the issue and it would resolve through the narrative. Anyways I thoroughly enjoyed the book, it made me laugh and cry a little. It was a very different genre of book that I ever had read and becoming a fan of this author for her intricate writing and storytelling. Moriarty struck me in places and told the story perfectly as well as made me ponder about life in general. Life can happen at any moment, just got to adapt for the time being and hope for regularity afterwards.