a good girl gone bad cliche

Beautiful Disaster – Jamie McQuire

Romance, fiction.

Rating 3/10

Abby is a good girl who tries to distance herself from her past. Travis is a dangerous hottie that caught her attention. Abby puts him down from ever having relations with her and he learns to accept that. A bet happens that eventually changes their relationship dynamic.

I hated this novel. It was too cliché and fast paced. I was confused of what was going on at first and it took too long into the novel to find out what had happened as well as how this story was written. Poorly is what I think to be honest. I have read better romances and thought this one would have been different, but it wasn’t any different from the cliché of attraction to a bad boy and some sort of element brings them together. I just could not finish reading this to be honest. I don’t regret not finishing this novel due to the fact it was just disgustingly cliched.