ten steps

Ten Count – Rihito Takari

Manga, OCD, psychology, therapist, fiction.

Rating 10/10

Shirotani suffers OCD meaning a germaphobe, he cleans relentlessly and avoids situations that involve touching objects or being in places where there are cramped spaces. He is with his boss going to work and his boss gets into an accident. A psychologist, Kurose, is around to help and notices Shirotani, he tells him that he induced from his observations that Shirotani suffers OCD. Shirotani takes the offer and they arrange to meet. Kurose tells him to make a list of ten things he wants to do and tells him once you get to the tenth thing he is cured. Although this takes time he forewarns, and rushing isn’t healthy. Shirotani discovers that certain things aren’t so bad after all.

I had seen this online and was instantly interested so I had my boyfriend order this and a few other manga books that caught my attention. I really love this book. I feel that this manga explores the realities of OCD and the path to recovery or coming to terms with OCD as well as proceeding with life without the so much obsessed compulsive acts. This was also heart felt because the protagonist, Shirotani, is honest with himself and with Kurose. Kurose is also honest with Shirotani about the process and what has to be done in order for Shirotani to be less obsessive compulsive. I think Kurose developed feelings for Shirotani, and vice versa. I want to read more of this manga series because I want to see more of their character development. I really felt this manga is really worth giving a read.

cute couple alert!

My Girlfriend is a T-Rex: vol 2. – Story and Art – Sanzo

Romance, domestic, dinosaurs, drama, comedy, manga, fiction.

Rating 9/10

Yuuma is still dating Churio. He is by her side all the time helping her navigate through the human world. Churio learns so much more such as buying a fridge and working a job. At least Yuuma is there to help her through it all.

When I first had laid my eyes on the first volume I fell in love and bought it without second guessing. I had gotten that manga a while ago and recently my boyfriend decided to surprise me with the second volume in the manga series. This one made my heart swell because of the sheer cuteness and loyalty that Yuuma has when he helps Churio learn and navigate through the human world. He is supportive, and she is very appreciative of him. I really do recommend this manga series. The title may be weird, but the plot is above and beyond. This review is short but I am withholding a lot of information because for one this is a manga and two I wouldn’t want to spoil all the cute stuff that goes on inside the manga so therefore the reader must go venture out to read this manga series. This manga series is perfect during in a time where we need a good heart felt distraction.

fate can be a funny thing…

My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! Vol. 1

Story – Satoru Yamaguchi

Art – Nami Hidaka

Young adult, romantic comedy, personal development comedy, video games, fantasy, manga, fiction.

Rating 9/10

 A high school student goes on her way to school when a nasty traffic accident kills her. She finds herself awake with head pain and surrounded by Victorian dressed people speaking very politely. As soon as she realizes the eerily coincidences of the characters, she has an epiphany. She is inside the video game she was playing in her past life. She has become Katarina, the villainess of the video game. Having prior knowledge, she knows what she must do to ensure that she doesn’t die again. Things tend to go haywire for her.

My boyfriend got this manga because he was captured by the synopsis and I was equally as interested. Overall, this manga was surely fun to read and very lighthearted. A very good laugh and distraction for these troubled times we all are going through. I do recommend this manga especially since we all are going through a rock and a hard place. This manga will make one forget all troubles for a moment. I love this manga a lot. No matter what the main character does it would seem to create more drama or lead her down a path of doom. This is sort of hilarious and really makes one rethink their life. What if this is all a simulation or a video game? No one knows.

illegal supers?

My Hero Academia Vigilantes Vol. 1

Story – Hideyuki Furuhashi

Art – Betten Court

Original Concept – Kohei Horikoshi

Superheroes, vigilantes, crime fighting, manga, young adult, fiction.

Rating 5/10

Koichi lives in a world where most of the population has a quirk, whether that quirk be useful or strange. He has a slide and glide quirk that doesn’t and isn’t impressive at all. When Knuckleduster arrives and tells Koichi that they must work together to fight as vigilantes, he doesn’t believe in the old man. Both save Pop Step from these villains who prove to be super powerful suddenly. Both investigate this weird occurrences and concluded that since no one is noticing these incidences that they must take matters into their own hands.

I read this because my boyfriend was so fascinated by the plot. I disagree. This feels very much like the main series but without hero fighting but just being vigilantes. I only liked one character, but she wasn’t the focus of the manga. This manga wasn’t my favorite and I prefer the other manga My Hero Academia over this one. There wasn’t much substance to the plot and felt more of a crime fighting rather than wholesome as My Hero Academia was.

can’t get caught…

Rosario + Vampire Vol. 1 – Akihisa Ikeda

Vampires, mystical creatures, high school, manga, Young Adult, fiction.

Rating 10/10

Tsukune got news that he is going to high school and doesn’t think twice of how his parents managed to get him into the high school. During the bus ride through a long tunnel, something spooky happens, he is dropped off in the middle of nowhere. He tries to follow the path marked to where his new high school is. He comes across a girl and her name is Moka. What scares the living daylights out of him is that she sucked his blood! He eventually finds out he was enrolled in a monster high school. Tsukune must make through the days surrounded by creatures without being caught that he is a human.

I originally had seen the anime version of this manga and never read it until after digging through the library database. I don’t regret the hour it took to find this manga. The anime remained true to the manga completely. I appreciated reading this manga so much that I reread it because it was so terrific. I wish I could’ve found the rest of the series, but I’d rather hold off for later. Slowly enjoy the manga series. Either way, if one is wanting to read a good decent vampire manga, this is the one.

heartfelt <3

Komi Can’t Communicate Vol. 1 – Tomohito Oda

Contemporary, high school, communication disorder, manga, fiction.

Rating 10/10

Tadano moves to a new high school and wants to be normal even though he is beyond normal. He runs across this girl who is always silent. A fellow classmate tells him that Komi doesn’t speak at all. Never mutters a word and she is worshipped like royalty. He doesn’t believe it until after class, he confronts her to talk with her. After a few minutes of failed attempt to make her talk, he gives up just as she decides to write what’s wrong with her. She suffers a communication disorder and feels bad that she can’t speak to anyone. She confides into him that she wants to make one-hundred friends. He promises to help her gain that number of friends.

I was hunting for manga that wasn’t so science fiction nor fantasy, just contemporary fiction, and was happy to have found this gem. I can’t express how much this manga left me feeling after I finished reading. I was on a rollercoaster of emotions with this manga. There were times where I was like going aww, tearing up, and laughing. A truly heartfelt manga that is about the difficulties that those who have communication disorders face every day. It’s not that they don’t want to be social, they can’t be social. This brought to me an understanding with some people who suffers communication disorders or different abled abilities that causes them to not be able to speak. I highly want everyone to read this manga because it’s truly a work of contemporary manga that can be read to understand the perspectives of those who medically can’t speak.


My Hero Academia; Volume 1 – Kohei Horikoshi

Manga, comedy, adventure, heroes, quirks, hero school, fiction.

Ratings 11/10

Izuku Midoriya lives in a world where nearly almost the entire population has a quirk or other known as a superpower. Unfortunately, he was born without a quirk, but that doesn’t stop him from achieving to become a hero. He intends to attend U.A. High School, the best high school to go to become a Pro-Hero and get a license to use quirks. On the way home from school, he is attacked by a sludge monster and was rescued by the Number One hero, All Might. After distracting All Might, the Sludge monster attacks Katsuki Bakugo. With no one around to help, Izuku jumps into action to rescue his friend. All Might sees the bravery in Izuku and later confronts him about asking Izuku to be his successor, the next one to inherit One for All. Izuku proudly accepts the offer and works hard to show All Might that he chose the right person for the power. Izuku must keep his newly found quirk as a secret and make it through the trials and tribulations that lay before him.

My best friend is a super fan of this series from the anime series (available on Hulu only seasons 1-3 are dubbed) and for Christmas I got her My Hero Academia Monopoly (also a cup themed MHA) and wanted to play, even though I had no clue who the half of the characters are, during playing, she told me some facts about some characters, and I got slowly intrigued. After binging the series, up to the third season, I was heart set on finding the manga series to read because I was overly obsessed with this series. I fell in love with how Izuku got his quirk in the oddest way. I also like some other characters and the meaning of this manga. Anyone can be heroic and not need any special powers. I would highly recommend this manga if one is into superheroes as well as comedic adventures. I don’t regret reading this manga at all. I’m overly obsessed as my best friend says. She could attest the fact that I got her obsessed and she is guilty of it.

Blossoming Romance

I Married My Best Friend to Shut My Parents Up

Story and Art – Kodama Naoko

Manga, romance, contemporary, LGBTQ+, fiction.

Rating 9.5/10

Morimoto is being harassed by her parents to settle down with a husband, but Morimoto doesn’t want that life just yet. She’s enjoying being happily single and committed to her job. Her friend, Hana, offers to be fake married to her to help Morimoto not be harassed by her parents. Morimoto agrees to do this plan and the plan works. Only thing is that Hana must live with Morimoto for a while. Morimoto doesn’t mind until she finds herself craving Hana’s company. Morimoto starts to fall for Hana slowly and they decide to work on their relationship.

My boyfriend and I were looking for manga to read and he picked up this one to show me. At first, I thought that this manga was going to be some horrible romance comedy. Turns out, this one was very sweet, and very heart felt[KS1] . I enjoyed the sweet message that the manga left for the reader to find. I won’t say what the message is because that would spoil the ending. Overall, this manga surprised me in a lot of ways and opened my mind about reading manga. Not all manga is actiony and or science fiction, they can have contemporary storylines. I will continue to broaden my search for more variety of forms of literature.


Dinosaur Human Romance? What?

My Girlfriend is a T-Rex Volume 1 – Story and Art by Sanzo

Romance, domestic, dinosaurs, drama, comedy, manga, fiction.

Rating 9.9/10

Yuuma meets Churio, a woman who is part human and part tyrannosaurus rex one day. She thinks he is afraid of her, but he isn’t. He is more scared of a measly small cat! They date and he tries to convince her to wear clothes and be more human. He takes care of her when she is sick and vice versa. They share adventures to surely remember for a long time.

I don’t typically read manga much, but this title caught my attention. I finished this manga and wished I could’ve found the second volume. There is a lot of comedy and romance as well as some sentimental scenes. I plan to hunt this down soon for sure because I would love to see if this relationship between Yuuma and Churio grow into something more serious. The artwork is beautiful and detailed. I recommend this as a start if one wishes to enter the world of manga because this is short and packs a lot in. There are many deep meanings behind the storyline that one can only unfold when they read the manga.

A Weird Surprise?

Zero’s Familiar 1-3

Story: Noboru Yamaguchi

Art: Nana Mochizuki

Manga, romance, comedy, witches, wizards, familiars, fiction.

Rating 10/10

Louise is a mage wanting to summon her familiar as the first test of becoming a mage. When she summons a mage, it’s a human as her familiar by the name of Saito. Saito, being equally confused, is distraught about how he ended up in the realm of magic and as this girl’s familiar. Saito and Louise begin to adjust to each other and the challenges they will come across together. Sticking to each other, they are partners in crime for what life puts in front of them. They slowly fall for each other.

This was made into an anime that I watched first then sought out for the manga version. I love this manga for how weird it goes, and it goes in a direction that makes the reader question what they are reading. This was hilarious and weird. I love this manga and wished it was longer.