a raving mad man on the loose…

The Terminal Man – Michael Crichton

Science fiction, horror, thriller, fiction.

Rating 7/10

Harry Benson is admitted to a hospital in hopes of curing his seizures after attacking two people. Harry Benson is under careful watch for a while. Before long, Dr. McPherson reads the file and thinks of the options. Dr. McPherson believes he can cure Harry Benson with this procedure. The procedure is a surgical experimentation that fixes these seizures. During the procedure, things take a turn for the worst. Harry Benson gets off the operating table and on the loose. Dr. McPherson calls security to find this man that escaped and if he was caught in the building to restrain Harry Benson. Security footage reveals that the man left the building. It’s a manhunt to find this man before he claims more lives.

This novel was moderately entertaining and had a balance of science as well as plot that were interconnected. I never doubted Crichton’s abilities to create literary works that were thought intensive and very intense. I did enjoy this novel though, but it was not as great as his other works. Not bad though, don’t get me wrong. I was expecting a more thrilling novel, but this was moderate thrill. I have a sense that Crichton loves to write about certain possibilities of playing with genetics, things that shouldn’t be played with in the first place, then having it turn horribly wrong to prove that playing God is never a good idea. That fits with this novel for sure but in its unique morbid way for sure.

Horrible Dystopian YA Novel!

Eve of Man – Giovanna and Tom Fletcher

Dystopian fiction, science fiction, young adult, fiction.

Rating 2/10

In a world where practically all women have died out and the existing women are kept away, Eve, the first female born in fifty years is welcomed into the world. Eve must remain pure and trained, expected to renew the human society. At the ripe age, she has to choose a suitor to repopulate the society, hopefully with more girls. There is trouble along the way, making Eve choose between her destiny or forging her own path.

I found this novel interesting at first, then disturbed that this novel is marketed towards the youth, meaning teenagers. The idea is great for maybe the older audience and the protagonists could be older, but the way the two authors wrote the novel and had prepared the plot was insufficient. Anyways overall, I will not be reading this novel any time soon. Storytelling should be taken seriously and creating a plot is not a walk in the park because a writer must create art with consideration of all elements. This novel lacked a lot of elements and seemed inconsistent with details.

This Book was BAAAD

The Man Who Died – Antti Tuomainen

Mystery, fiction.

Rating 1/10

Jaakko Kaunismaa goes to the doctor only to find out he is dying slowly. Now Jaakko must find out who has the motive to kill him or at least slowly. It isn’t only just him that’s slowly dying, his wife and their cook is too. Jaakko finds out that a rival company has been slowly poisoning them.

I certainly did not like this novel at all. It was boring and I couldn’t stay interested in the novel. It was also slow paced and expected of the ending. Have to say this is the shortest book review ever but there are better mystery novels out there. This one wasn’t the best one.