Women Empowering Other Women

Good Luck with That – Kristin Higgins

Self-acceptance, women, self-esteem, body image, empowerment, fiction.

Rating 10/10

Three women, as little girls, made a promise together about losing weight and doing activities that skinny women would do. A decade later, Georgia and Marley hear from Emerson and she is practically on her deathbed. Georgia and Marley come to Emerson’s side and Emerson hands them a letter they ought to open at her funeral. A day later Emerson passes away. Distraught and in mourning, the two women attempt to complete the list but rather instead of losing weight, just embracing their curvy selves and doing the list anyways. Marley and Georgia find that they can be empowered by their image and not care about what others think. Along the journey each Marley and Georgia do go through some problems but in the end, they overcome any challenge that they face, together.

I really love this book because it is so empowering. It sends a message that it is okay to be curvy but not overweight like how their friend was. I highly would recommend this book as a read and to think critically about one’s own life. Embrace your body image, man or woman. It is okay. If one is not obese and or overweight, one’s curves are something to be proud of. Just like Marley and Georgia did. If one is to diet, be sure to do it in a safe way.