why did i wait to read more Rick Riordan books???

Heroes of Olympus: The Lost Hero – Rick Riordan

Greek gods and goddesses, roman gods and goddesses, mythical, fantasy, children’s, fiction.

Rating 10/10

Jason wakes up on a bus going somewhere. He can’t remember who he is and what is happening. Leo and Piper try to help him piece together the clues and information about who Jason is. The trio are taken to Camp Half Blood to be claimed by their Godly parent and figure out what is going on in the world. There is a prophecy involving Piper, Jason, and Leo that they all must rescue Hera. Going on as much as little information, the trio begins their journey. 

I had loved the previous series so much that I decided I will invest in going further into this world. I am glad I took that leap because I love this novel. I enjoy Riordan’s world that he constructed because there is so much Greek and now Roman mythology that it is not overwhelming but very exciting. I felt that this was just as immersive as the previous book series. This also teaches some of the lore from greek and roman mythology. There are a lot of lore and gods and goddesses that it does take a while to digest. Other than that, this was magnificently and brilliantly written. The different perspectives are vital and very important for the plot because we see more world building and seeing the world through different eyes helps envision what these demigod teens are going through. Hands down I am going to continue to read this series and anything that Rick Riordan writes so expect for more on this blog.

Stranger Things but Funnier and less Scary

The Lost Causes of Bleak Creek – Rhett McLaughlin + Link Neal

Humorous fiction, science fiction, adventure, fiction.

Rating 10/10

Leif And Rex are just normal kids living out their lives and wanting to get into filming. Their friend, Alicia, helps them film a scene for Polterdog, their film that’s like the poltergeist but instead of a ghost it’s a ghost dog. After a terrifying incident at a BBQ, Alicia is sent to this reform school that’s been utterly horrifying. Once kids go in, they either leave with no emotion or they have been proclaimed dead in an freak accident. Eager to get her out, they do some investigating with Janine and her sister who went there. They find out that the spring that’s inside the reform school property is a cursed spring. The reason why the headmaster needs the kids is to revive his daughter who was taken by this river spirit. Rex and Leif do the impossible to rescue not only to rescue their friend but other kids who have been in the river for a long time.

I was recommended to read this and I’m a fan of Good Mythical Morning. I had to read this book because the cover art was so intriguing, and the brief summary caught my attention. I loved how Res and Leif were exactly like Rhett and Link. There was enough science fiction, humor, and thrilling aspects that made me binge read this novel within two days’ time. I enjoyed this novel so much that I plan to reread this novel in the near future. I highly recommend anyone to read this novel. This was like if Stranger Things was set in the south, had more humor, and less drama.