had to read a Lisa Jewell book for my bday

The Night She Disappeared – Lisa Jewell 

Mystery, thriller, fiction. 

Rating 9/10

Tallulah is a single mother going through college and trying to take care of her child, Noah, with her mother. Her child’s father Zach wants to be more involved with both her and Tallulah but Tallulah wants something else. She wants to be a social worker and live with her mother without anyone judging her. After a night of Zach and Tallulah spend together, both have gone completely missing with the only person connecting them is Scarlett who provides nothing other than that they were simply friends. One year later, Sophie, an aspiring mystery novelist moves into this town alongside her boyfriend who works at the school. She finds a DIG HERE sign and decides to dig up. She digs up a ring and looks into the missing teens’ case. She turns the evidence over to the police unveiling a break in the case. 

I was so thrilled that Lisa Jewell came out with another novel. I love her thriller mysteries because each one is so unique. I enjoyed the diverse characters and their interactions that felt natural. As all her novels are. Furthermore, the writing of this novel was so well done and well spun. Watching it all unfold with the past and present timeline narratives made this novel work in a very thrilling dynamic novel.

sometimes the truth is intense

The Truth of Melody Browne – Lisa Jewell

Mystery, fiction. 

Rating 7/10

Melody is going about her date at a hypnotist show when she faints and remembers some parts of her childhood. She returns home and begins to remember more and more memories of a childhood she couldn’t remember. Her son helps her obtain these locked memories and she soon realizes that her childhood is much darker than she thought. That the truth is much more sinister than the facade of her childhood.

This was an alright novel. This was nicely paced and organized. I had read this in one sitting and I believe that this novel can be read over time but depending on the reader one sitting. The jumping from the past to present helps understand what happened in the life of Melody Browne. I love Lisa Jewell’s works and this one was not my favorites but this was good however. The writing is so splendid and she really knows how to write a good mystery. I just didn’t care for the repressed memories resurfacing trope as much. There were parts that I really loved because I was expecting something less traumatic for the main character but it was something else than I had predicted. I do recommend this novel and any of Lisa Jewell’s works in general. All are really good and very well done.

in the shadows…

Invisible Girl – Lisa Jewell

Mystery, fiction.

Rating 7/10

Saffyre goes missing. Multiple women and teens are claiming Owen to be a sexual predator. He knows he is innocent. Cate and her husband Roan are disturbed by Saffyre’s disappearance. Roan was her therapist and tells that she had a tough past and did not keep her as a client due to the fact she was making a lot of recovery and worked towards a healthier life. Owen’s room has criminating evidence that points him to her disappearance. When more evidence comes out, the truth of why Saffyre disappeared comes at a shocking cost.

This novel was alright and wished it were more thrilling. Overall, the writing and characters were interesting and the plot as well. I was hoping for a more interesting narrative or something bigger than what occurred in the novel. This was a moderate mystery and not so overly done though. Rather under done and I feel the author could have went a little bit more. I was not expecting some of the elements which was shocking for me. That is something one cannot really predict with Lisa Jewell’s books. There is always a twist with her work.

eyes on you

Watching You – Lisa Jewell

Contemporary women, family life, suspense, fiction.

Rating 9/10

Joey and her husband move into a new neighborhood after getting secretly married at a beach and had a glorious honeymoon. As Joey explores the new town, her eyes are drawn to Tom, a man who was very physically attractive. She grows close to him to the point of obsession. That obsession led to him being a murder victim and everyone in town is a suspect, including her.

This is a classic who did it with a twist. I loved the plot that led up to the climax and the transcripts of the police reports makes the novel feel so realistic. Even though they wouldn’t be publicized, I loved the chilling aspect. I couldn’t get enough of the plot nor the characters. There are some plot twists but overall, pretty suspenseful as promised from the synopsis and after reading. I suspected the novel to produce another chilling suspense fictional novel. Jewell has a knack for interesting suspense fiction. I do recommend this novel or any of her novels. I’ve read three of her works and found myself loving her work and her writing.


Most Wanted – Lisa Scottoline

Mystery, thriller, Fiction.

Rating 9/10

Christine and Marcus, a happily married couple, decide to start a family. After a few years of trying, they go see what’s possibly going wrong. Marcus is infertile and they must rely on either adoption or sperm donation. Both agree to screen potential sperm donors and found one they want. The IVF is successful, and Christine is happily pregnant. Two months later, news on the television tell that the Nurse Killer was found and arrested. Christine sees a resemblance of the sperm donor and the Nurse Killer, and quickly becomes worried. Marcus tells her its nothing, at first, but later he sees with his own eyes. Marcus wants information and is willing to sue for the information whereas Christine doesn’t want to sue anyone. Christine goes to see this convicted man and was falsely pulled into some dangerous waters. Christine soon finds out that not everything is what it seems.

I enjoyed reading this novel and blindly chose this book based from the summary and author name. I have recently challenged myself to blindly choose more books (based off unfamiliarity of authors names just so that there is an unbiased opinion) and this one was a success. I wouldn’t have thought this was a mystery thriller based off the title alone, but the summary provided some clues. This book questions the basic morality of using a sperm donor who may or may not be a serial killer. I like fictional books that make me think about various topics in depth. I would recommend this novel for sure.