The Phantom Always Watches..

The Phantom of the Opera – Gaston Leroux

Classic literature, fiction.


At this opera house, it is no ordinary opera house. It has a ghost or what the rumors ought to say about this man who haunts the opera house as he pleases. Christine is new to the opera house scene and is instantly favored by this phantom. As she grows curious as to whom this phantom fellow truly is, Raoul and others beg her to not wander about. She finds herself face to face with the phantom and he reveals his true face to her. After the phantom reveals his true self, he threatens Christine to marry him and live forever with him. In asking of this, at first, she refuses but eventually she gives him the answer. Atlas her heart belongs to someone else whom she loves more, Raoul. The phantom “kidnaps” Christine and Raoul goes after her. After an intense confrontation, Christine and Raoul make it out alive after the riot of angry opera house patrons hunts down the Phantom.

I enjoyed this book for the mysterious and the deeper meanings of the fiction. Never judge a book by its cover and to never let your guard down. I did enjoy the little romance between Christine and the Phantom, but it was short lived. Jealousy is pure evil at times and can drive men to do things irrationally and act on impulse. I had seen the movie and the book is better in my defense because reading allows one’s mind to create vivid imagery of the characters as well as how the plot plays out. What the movie offers and what the book doesn’t offer is the incredible soundtrack. Consider maybe while reading this novel, listen to the soundtrack for a better and deeper experience with the novel.