so cute I loved it!!!!

Last Chance Books -Kelsey Rodkey

Romance, bookstores, competition, enemies to lovers, Young Adult, fiction. 

Rating 10/10

Madeline loves her family’s owned bookstore B&M that has been passed on to the new generation to take over. Her dream is after college coming back to take over the store away from her aunt. However, the store isn’t doing so well and mostly because of the competition that’s across the street called The Prologue. Her short-term goal is to take down The Prologue. Jasper is intent on ruining the B&M yet he secretly loves Madeline but doesn’t want to come to terms with that reality. They pull some pranks on each other until he gets hit by a car forcing Madeline to be the good person and take him to the emergency room then to his house. She decides to wave the white flag of truce and realizes so much when reality hits. 

I was not expecting that. I was expecting the enemies to be lovers but this hit differently. The way that Jasper acts towards Madeline reminded me of children picking on each other that made me laugh. This novel was really cute and funny. I simply enjoyed reading this book and it was one of those one sitting types of reading. It might be just me that feels this way that this was a one-sitting type of novel. I read it in one sitting because I wanted to see where this was going with Jadeline. The author made a unique book centered around rivaling bookstores with romance thrown in. I differently this novel to read. It is fun and cute. 



The Last Time We Met – Maggie Brown & Leni Hanson

Romance, LGBTQ+, fiction.

Rating 9/10

Merritt returns from being apart of doctors without boarders and at the airport, a blast from the past is there. Austen, her musician crush fling is there and what is horrible is that she didn’t recognize Merritt. Austen denied but she knew very well who this mysterious woman is. Their paths cross once more at a Gala. They slowly get to know each other, and love doesn’t keep them apart. A romance blossoming that proves that they were meant to be together.

I loved this novel. I thought the slow burn was perfect and was expecting for one or the other to come forward with their feelings. The writing is beautiful, and the characters felt realistic. I love the fact that this wasn’t just erotic smut, and it was more about the characters interactions and feelings. The novel moves at a slow pace which made the romance a rather slow burn. I occasionally read slow burns, but not often enough. I want to read more of this genre and would be very much interested in reading more from this author.

the finale… im crying

Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Last Olympian – Rick Riordan

Children’s fiction, Greek gods, fantasy, demigods, gods, goddesses, fiction.

Rating 10/10

Percy gathers his allies and many forces to fight in this battle against Kronos. Also, he forges some new allies along the way. Percy and his friends take a final stand against Kronos before the revengeful titan destroys Mount Olympus.

This book was very action packed and that is why I did the review so short because there are mostly fighting and action. However, I loved how this was the perfect end of the series. Usually, series are left unsatisfied or I was sad that it ended. This book was the exception. I heard from one of my friends that this is to become a Disney series and I am convinced that it should be. This series was so good. The writing was phenomenal and amazingly put together. The pacing is perfect and there is a lot of interesting chapters and scenes that made me laugh. I do recommend the series.

this was a better vampire story than twilight~

Thirst: The Last Vampire – Christopher Pike

Vampires, fantasy, young adult, fiction.

Rating 10/10

Alisa Perne is her fake and temporary name; her real name is Sita. Sita has lived over five thousand years. She was contacted by a private investigator in regards of her. Detective Riley tells her that he knows some things and cannot tell her these things. She gets little information out of him before killing him. Sita plans to find his son, whose later becomes apparent to be Ray. She has her people adjust her fake student persona and align most of the classes with him. Sita needs Ray to help her get into the computer that has the information in regards of who is investigating her so she will play dumb and innocent to Ray. After retrieving the information, she contacts Mr. Slim, a name Detective Riley had uttered before she murdered him. When he comes to pick her up to take her somewhere, she requests who he works for. In that moment, she realized that she needed Seymour, a nerd friend she made while at the school, to come pick her up from the nearby gas station where she was taken to. Seymour arrives and helps her out. Sita makes plans to meet the person who created her, Yakasha, and put an end to him before he ends her.

This is apart of a series called Thirst and I will do the individual books separately as each book of this series deserves individual recognition of every book. This book series is about nine books long, but I love this series so much. I had been eagerly collecting this book series in middle school and begged to finish the rest of the collection as I love Sita. This is not a typical vampire story that is like the others in this genre of Young Adult. I think it was after reading this book, I really fell for her entirely and needed to continue the series. She was just a total badass and I had to reread it as of recent. I did have to retrieve this from my parents’ garage though. The condition is old and weathered but still readable. I found myself binge reading so fast and forgot how awesome Christopher Pike made this female protagonist. She does have weaknesses as equally of strengths. The writing is a bit fast paced; it makes up for the plot that is addicting to read. The characters interactions are very natural, and nothing feels forced. The imagined lore is so detailed and sparsely spread out throughout the novel. I do recommend hunting this book down if one is into vampire novels but want something that is way better than Twilight. The Twilight Series could never ever be as awesome as this novel’s series. Sorry, not sorry.

Scandalous Letters

The Last Letter from Your Lover – Jojo Moyes

Romance, drama, memory loss, fiction

Rating 7/10

Jennifer woke up with no recollection of her life after an accident. She feels as if this life she was living is wrong and everyone is so peculiar around her. Meanwhile, more than a century later, Ellie has stumbled across these love letters between Jennifer and Anthony. Ellie is on the hunt to figure what had happened to the lovers and comes across the romance she yearns for herself. Ellie sees that Jennifer didn’t love her husband at all and this was similar situation she, herself, was in. After reading these letters, Ellie feels empowered to go after what her heart truly wants.

I love this book and its very different from the novels I’ve ever read. The woman having the affair instead of the man having the affair. Very different and I enjoyed reading this novel. It made me wish that the protagonist, Jennifer, just divorce and go with this Anthony guy who appreciates her more than her husband does. However, I didn’t write this novel and don’t question the authors purpose. Nonetheless, this novel was so good I highly recommend this book.

Not Everything Ends in a Happily Ever After That Easily!

The School for Good and Evil: The Last Ever After – Soman Chainani

Children fiction, young adult fiction, adventure, fairy tales

Rating: 7/10

The third book in the series brings more drama and fairytales to the table. Agatha and Sophie, once friends, now enemies are at war with each other. After separate ways, Agatha learns more about Tedros, her love interest and whom she is supposed to be with in her happy ending. Sophie stayed behind with the school master to reign over the school her way. Evil wants in on happy endings by rewriting history. It takes everything and everyone to rectify in this new adventure.

I just can’t explain all the emotions this novel had brought. It brought laughter and pain. I wished that things can get back to normal for Agatha but sadly it doesn’t work that way. It is a really good novel its just this third installment I wasn’t really a fan of. It is slow but worked the drama up.