cat people exist? what?

The Nine Lives of Chloe King: The Fallen – Liz Braswell

Young adult, fantasy, fiction.

Rating 9/10

Chloe King is an average sixteen-year-old turning seventeen. Her life is alright and considerably normal until she has a near death experience that should’ve killed her. Then she develops some new traits that are alarming as well as someone tried to assassinate her. She learns that there is a group called The Order of the Tenth Blade wants to eradicate her species. She must learn who she is.

I had read this when I was in middle school and liked the novel. I tried to retrieve my copy, but it was unfortunately destroyed due to horrible packing styles. Either way, I hunted down a new copy to read. I went down nostalgia lane and remembered why I loved this book so much. The writing was thorough and was never predictable. That is my opinion though. I was so happy to reread this novel for sure. And I would recommend reading all three books. I only read the first book for now. Might pick up the book once more soon. Or let me know to read and give it a review.


she is awesome

The Guinevere Deception – Kiersten White

Magic, impersonation, knights, knighthood, king Arthur, Camelot, young adult, fiction.

Rating 9/10

Merlin’s daughter, disguised as Guinevere, is delivered to King Arthur. Merlin sent her because she knows how to protect Arthur and Camelot from dark magic. The story is that she is to become the Queen of Camelot but in secret she’s protecting Arthur. During her stay she comes to love Camelot and willing to do anything to protect Arthur and the citizens of Camelot. A mysterious knight catches her attention and some dark mysterious threat looms over Camelot.

I’ve been always fascinated by King Arthur stuff and tales of Camelot. It is hard to find literature of that interest with a female perspective or through the female character’s point of view. This book legit brings that to the table. I must get my hands on the sequel for sure. I’m utterly thankful for this work and again I love the author. She writes beautifully and the details are out of this world. I need to read more of this author. I do recommend this author because she does research and plays with lore in a good way that doesn’t make the literature confusing but rather unique.

the final ending…

The School for Good and Evil: One True King, Book #6 – Soman Chainani

School, good, evil, Camelot, children, fiction.

Rating 10/10

There is an imposter trying to lay claim for Camelot and to proclaimed One True King with his captor, Sophie who is to be the queen. Agatha and Tedros have to figure out the tests that will prove that Tedros is the rightful heir to the throne. Once they both found out the three tests, both of them must face the challenges that lay ahead. The first test and second tests were grueling, revealing to Tedros his father’s life, and the sinister plot to lay claim to the throne through lies and deception. The third and final test reveals the conspiracy as well as the One True King.

I had waited a long time for this to come out and knew that the previous book wasn’t the final one. I’m saddened that this is the final book but glad it is. I was satisfied by the ending of this novel. The whole journey of this series had its ups and downs. I had laughed and cried through all books that are written by Soman Chainani. This series is perfect for all ages, young or old. There are so many messages for the reader to find and learn. There is good news that this book series will be adapted into a motion picture which I am so excited to know about and looking forward to watching when it comes out as well as do a review of whether the motion picture is absolutely faithful to the book or not. I know it will most likely will be faithful but still can’t wait to see these characters come to life besides my imagination. I do recommend this novel series to be read by all.

escape fast NOW

If It Bleeds: If It Bleeds – Stephen King

Horror, fiction.

Rating 7/10

A mysterious package arrived at an elementary school and no one at first suspects much until it was too late. Holly investigates this new mysterious outsider that came to town and comes to terms of how to handle this new person. As well as sees that this person was connected to multiple crimes that is to ensure she is in danger and must escape.

This novella was short and alright. I prefer longer works of fiction because I felt that this could’ve been developed into a full novel. I did admire the thrilling aspect that worked well with the plot. Anyways I do recommend this if one is into a short and quick read.

messages from the other side?

If It Bleeds: Mr. Harrigan’s Phone – Stephen King

Fiction, suspense, novella.

Rating 6/10

Craig worked for Mr. Harrigan and received cards, four times a year, each containing a scratcher. Craig read to the old man and did certain chores for him and he was paid decently, to Craig at least. One day Mr. Hannigan dies, and Craig inherits some money from the old man and when the old man was buried, beforehand, Craig put Hannigan’s phone into his empty pocket. Whenever Craig missed him, he would call the phone to hear his message. Sometimes leaves a voicemail. A week or so later, Craig endures being bullied and calls Hannigan’s phone to tell Hannigan what happened. The next day, Craig’s bully dies mysteriously. Craig doesn’t think much of that and continues with his life. While interning as a journalist, he finds out his old high school science teacher was murdered by a drunk driver, so Craig as a way to cope with the unjust loss, calls Hannigan once more. A day after that phone call, the drunk driver committed suicide in the treatment home. Craig now understands what had been going on and comes to terms with the truth.

This novella was alright and too tame of a genre coming from a horror novelist. I was expecting something worse like a zombie situation, but just coincidental deaths caused by possibly a ghost didn’t sate my craving for horror. There was a little suspense, but not a lot. I would hope the rest of the novellas that are inside If It Bleeds are more spectacularly horrific because I came for horror. I might be somewhat judgmental and highly critical but at least there was some brutal details of how the two people died mysteriously. I’m sure that some of King’s writings are not as great as other works he has written and published.

up and up we go

Elevation – Stephen King

Literature, suspense, fiction.

Rating  9/10

Scott has run into an unusual issue that he would prefer kept under tabs, so he goes to the retired doctor and friend Bob. He tells Bob that he had been losing weight like crazy, Bob doesn’t believe him at first but then sees for himself as Scott puts himself on the weight scale. Bob tells Scott that this is unusual and to go seek professional assistance for this issue, but Scott doesn’t want to. Life goes on as usual; the new neighbors opened a new diner and live next door to him. They always walk their dogs unleashed and they don’t pick up after their dogs either. He goes to confront one of them and it ends badly. They think he is a homophobe like the rest of the town, but he isn’t. Time goes on and he continues losing weight and tries to eat large quantities of food thus creating an image for him in the town as the fat man. There is a turkey trot that everyone attends including his neighbor and her wife. He bets her a wager and in a plot twist way he helps her win. She sees that and still wants to go for the wager he waged if he won. For her and her wife to come to dinner. That is when he tells them of his condition and at first, they speculated something was going on. He was losing weight but, in a way, that gravity is losing its hold onto him. He doesn’t want to be seen by professionals but see where this goes.

This was a weird short novella that I read that was strange. I assumed that King was going to possibly do a plot twist of the guy having a disease or cancer, but King surprised me. Just unusually tame genre. Scott was just a ordinary man who kept losing weight and didn’t bother to go see other help besides a select few, nothing too dramatic. However, the situation itself always should be a concern but the guy was so relaxed about it besides the little concern. I wasn’t expecting something so tame from King. Of course, this is a novella and the shortness does warrant a quick pace but seriously tame. I honestly love this novella and even though I was expecting something worse but still a wonderful novella. I do recommend this novella for those who want a quick read that is tame. I have to say this was the tamest piece of work I’ve ever read from King.

a pandemic themed novel… seems appropriate during a pandemic

The Stand: Complete and Uncut Edition – Stephen King

Pandemic, outbreak, survivor, thriller, horror, fiction.

Rating 8/10

Charlie is going AWOL with his family due to some disease or sickness like flu that killed most of the base he was enlisted at. They travel east, while his symptoms got worse. His wife and child got the illness. They crash at a town in Texas where their bodies were exhumed and sent to the Health Department for further examination. Stu Redman is taken in to be observed as to why he didn’t catch the flu like sickness. They perform tests and examinations on him. The state patrol catches whatever Charlie, his wife, and child had caught. From there, the sickness spreads outwards affecting more people like wildfire. Fran tells Jesse she’s pregnant, uncertain of what she wants to do, she goes to her dad for advice, he welcomes whatever she decides whether her mother agrees or not. Fran’s father tells Fran that her mother is really sick with a flu like illness. Larry, a famous singer, finds himself in trouble returns home to his mother to stay until he can get back onto his feet. During Larry’s stay, she gets extremely sick with this deadly flu. Nick finds himself robbed and assaulted, he is found and brought into be cared for. The deputy asks him information and realizes that Nick is deaf and mute, a birth defect. The deputy helps Nick catch the people who robbed and assaulted him, locked them in the jailcell. The deputy gets sick with the deadly flu. Each person who had caught the flu results in a fatal death where no one is immune. Randall Flagg senses a rebirth of society and he is ready for his own rebirthing. Survivors must come together and become a community to rebuild society that was nearly destroyed by the Super flu. Stu, Fran, Nick, and other survivors meet, and they decide to follow the old lady, Mother Abigail to Boulder, Colorado to build a community. Some plans go as plan whereas some are disrupted by people who don’t want organized society.

I had been wanting to read this novel for years. I tried many times to read it and couldn’t find myself going beyond a couple hundred pages. I guess the perfect time to read this novel was during a quarantine where I hardly had much to do. To much of my surprise I couldn’t believe I waited so long to read this novel. I am thankful I read it and this novel was a bit scary for me especially since there is a pandemic going on. This novel made me feel thankful that things weren’t too bad, and things could’ve been worse. I love and enjoyed this novel a lot. The pure size is overwhelming but reasonable because of the genre and style of storytelling. King’s novel starts off slow but then picks up the pace then slows down then picks up the pace. I was on my toes while reading this. I came to love some of the characters like Fran and Nick because of their personalities and their interactions they had with other survivors. The old lady, Mother Abigail was sweet. I do recommend this novel but not for the faint of heart.

all tied up in the middle of NOWHERE

Gerald’s Game – Stephen King

Horror, fiction.

Rating 9/10

Jessie and her husband are into some kinky games. He talks her into another one, but this doesn’t go through. She wants to not play at all, and he sees this as a part of the game. When she tries to get him off her, she kicks him right in the privates and chest, killing him in the process. She thinks otherwise until much later. Jessie tries to break free but can’t. Hours pass and she is still stuck to the bed. Again, she reattempts but fails. She spends a good long time tied up with the only thing that is keeping her alive, her will to survive and the memories. These memories haunt her and suddenly reality starts to fade as she begins to see a figure in the corner of the room. This throws Jessie into full panic and survival mode. She knows what to do to escape but this won’t be easy.

This book was anonymously requested, and I also wanted to read this novel for a really long time. I finally found a copy and began to read. My expectation was that Stephen King would slowly ease into the climax where Jessie is tied up. I was wrong and happy that I was wrong. I learned that never expect anything when reading Stephen King and never read his books when it gets dark outside. The story starts off with her already tied up by her husband and the events happen in a very fast pace. The rest of the book is her facing her memories and being haunted by delusions that her mind generated due to the fact that she is alone, hungry, and thirsty. This book freaked me out and scared me in some parts of the narrative. I do recommend this novel for sure.

horrible alien invasion cliche

Dreamcatcher – Stephen King

Horror fiction.

Rating 5/10

Jonesy and his friends are out hunting as well as camping for a while. During one of the expeditions, one of them found a stranded man and another person finds a stranded woman. Both with eerily similar stories, orange tag, and a dreamcatcher in possession on their persons. The only difference is the woman seems to be possessed by something and later it becomes known that there is a parasite from these aliens that have abducted these people and inject them with their spawn then releasing them in the woods. This becomes a war for survival.

I didn’t really care for this novel honestly. I had read better Stephen King novels and this one was not his best. Besides that, I don’t like alien abduction nor invasion stories. Too cliché for my taste. This was a hard novel to get into personally but maybe in the future I’ll give it a reread to give another chance. For now, this review remains truthfully blunt and not apologizing for the shortness of this book review.

Brilliant Children with Extraordinary Powers

The Institute – Stephen King

Horror, fiction.

Rating 15/10

Luke Ellis is a bright kid who craves information and is only at the age of twelve; he is far advanced mentally than his peers. His parents don’t know how to cope with having a gifted child so they try their hardest to ensure he can get into more advanced courses or in college. After he takes the SAT, he returns to his hotel room with his family. When unsuspecting intruders comes to take Luke away and bring him to an unknown location called The Institution. Luke learns to discover with other kids who are in the place that they administer tests for a while then send you somewhere else and after they’re done, they wipe the kids’ memories and return them home is what is perceived but not the dark reality. Luke manages to escape but is on the run for his life in attempts to get help from the outside world to bring down this horrendous institute that treats kids as weapons to murder people. Survival of Luke getting to the authorities to help his newfound friends he had made while he was in the Institute.

This novel is very thick and hearty, much like a very well-made homemade stew, that made me want to reread the book many times. However, I couldn’t because this book was a seven-day book loan and took me four days to complete the book. I wanted to savor the pages as long as I could within that seven-day period. Stephen King really went over the top with this novel. There was definite bits and pieces from his earlier works, Firestarter and The Shining, combined with some intense and crazy power-hungry institute that uses these bright children for murder. I highly recommend this novel towards the audience who crave madness within six hundred pages. This novel goes into dark crevices that leave one questioning the basic foundations of what’s reality and what’s fiction. Stephen King really overdid this book and I loved this novel more than his previous works.