they call themselves the guardians of the galaxy lol

Aurora Burning: Aurora Cycle 2 – Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff

Science fiction, young adult, fiction.

Rating 9/10

Temporarily stranded on a planet, Squad 312, are in hiding from everyone that is their enemies. Not only that but an ancient evil is about to unleash terror on the galaxy, and they must save the galaxy. However, they have several errands to run such as finding the ship Aurora came from and its black box to unveil the truth of the ship’s intentions. Along the way, more and more eerie messages and codes appear that was predicted of their path. Each of the crew got a gift that coordinates with each of them. Each contains as well as a revelation Up until they prepare and brace themselves to face the big evil. Squad gives it their all.

I had waited for a while for this sequel. I loved this so much and wanted to reread it. It is so good, and I hate the fact it was left as a cliff hanger. I do hope for more, however. The storytelling is amazing, and the organization of the chapters is perfectly designed. I love reading other perspectives of one narrative but only when its organized. This was cleanly organized. I do recommend this book and the first one as well. It does have a Guardians of the Galaxy vibes but with a younger crew and more jokes. This is worth reading for sure. I had waited forever for this and glad I had waited. I would not mind waiting for the next possible book in this series or probably venture out to find other books of these authors because their writing style is interesting, and I like the format.