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The Love Square – Laura Jane Williams

Romance, comedy, LGBTQ+, fiction.

Rating 10/10

After a string of bad luck with guys, Penny finally finds one guy that isn’t horrible. Later she falls for another guy. Also, another guy she falls in love with her. So far, her count is three incredible guys. All three want to date her. Her heart is torn between the three and she has to decide only one guy to get within the end.

I tried to remain vague when doing this review because there was a lot going on in this book. So much romance and the protagonist trying to fit herself with only one love interest. She felt realistic and so did the love interests. I wanted to date her myself. Lol. The writing is excellently done, and I found that the plot moved at a perfect pace. I didn’t want to finish this book but now after reading this, I want to read more romance novels. I always thought they were smut (there are some that are very smutty) and no plot. Some do have plots like this one. I can’t wait to find any more of this author. I do recommend this book because this is LGBTQ+ friendly and that this was simply perfect.


interestingly enough

The History of Jane Doe – Michael Belanger

Young adult, fiction.

Rating 6/10

A new girl comes to town by the name Jane Doe and she befriends Raymond and Simon. Raymond being a history buff tells her all sorts of history and Simon being obsessed with vampire books. Their interactions are told through past and present about the life of Jane and the aftermath of Jane.

Sorry to make this one short but this was an extremely tiny and packed book. I feel that this could have been reformatted into a bigger book with two parts divided rather than alternative chapters. I did not like this book much because it was sad and depressing. Sometimes depression is simply a silent killer, and no one can change the course of events because one cannot predict the outcome. I did like how Simon and Raymond dealt with her passing and I have to say at first, I was going to say unhealthy, but the problem is that everyone grieves differently. As long as one can reach out for help coping with a loss of a friend whether the circumstances be suicide or death from an illness. Never forget to take care of one’s self health and communicate with others.

Interesting Victorian Romance

Pride and Prejudice – Jane Austen

English classic literature, fiction.

Rating 7/10

 In a world where social class and marriage is important for positive social attitudes towards such persons of interests, Pride and Prejudice explores scandal and heartache due to misunderstandings. Elizabeth Bennet is looking for a suitor and future husband that meets her standards. Mr. Darcy is looking for a wife that meets his standards. Both can’t stand each other but they keep having this chemistry that can’t deny their attraction, Elizabeth denies Mr. Darcy’s proposal, and this creates a scandal for the century. In the end, they do become engaged after Mr. Darcy proposes again.

I am not a fan of this romance English classic literature theme, but it was thrilling to read, and it was humorful. I enjoyed the fact that a man can’t handle rejection. This novel is okay, but it was sort of confusing to read and seeing what is actually happening. Its fine because its in the formal English rather than it being a modernized version of the novel that dumbs it down to easier terms. I prefer a challenge when it comes to reading classical literature.

Snow Falling- Always Romantic

Snow Falling – Jane Gloriana Villanueva

Romance, fantasy, historical time era, drama, fiction

Rating 8/10

This is a book from a telenovela, Jane the Virgin, “Snow Falling” by Jane Gloriana Villanueva, by the main protagonist. Jane wrote a love romance inspired by her love with Michael but in a romantic retelling historical view point. Josephine Galena Valencia wanted to write a novel and it was uncommon in her time era of the nineteen hundred. She was engaged to a detective, Martin Cadden, while working at this hotel. After one misunderstanding and getting a bit drunk, Jane makes a terrible mistake that changes her life forever. Now she is in love with another man by the name of Rake Solvino. Along with possibly being pregnant, her mysterious father whom her mother never mentioned comes into the picture, and a very threatening crime lord thrown into the mix. The drama continues as Josephine tries to manage her feelings and her life. She has to face a final decision of who she truly loves.

As my soul sister had introduced me the show Jane The Virgin, I was hooked on it. I was not expecting a telenovela to publish a book that a fictional character wrote yet alone expect this book to be decent. However, I was not expecting my soul sister to have another copy and gave the spare copy to me. I was thrilled and excited. I was a bit disappointed in the main character’s choices and petty misunderstandings, but it had to happen to ensure the plot to thrive. It is a decent book and I would give it another read.

Villanueva, Jane Gloriana. Snow Falling. Adams Media Corporation, 2017