The Bone Labyrinth: A Sigma Force Novel – James Rollin

Excavations, archeology, scientific world, voyages to the other world, special operations, military science, action, suspense, fiction.

Rating 8/10

Lena goes to Croatia, to an archeological site where she found the bones of a Neanderthal woman in a closed off chapel. Inside that site, there are artworks as well that depict society and the evolving brain that was humankind. The site is attacked and ransacked, leaving her and a few survivors straggling to get out of the cavern and questioning why the bones of a Neanderthal woman and to destroy the cavern. Commander Grey Peirce is on the case to go rescue and help. Whereas Monk and Kowalski are to talk with Lena’s twin, Maria, about their work. Maria explains that they wanted to know the mystery jump that happened that caused homo sapiens to be very smart and changed their ways of life. She and her sister think it’s a union between homo sapiens and Neanderthals. There’s so much danger that comes with this research because there are others hunting the same answers as Lena and Maria as well as wants them dead. This will take Sigma into the history and evidence of bones of human ancestors.

This was really intriguing and very adventurous. I enjoyed it so much, but it was a bit of a slow read for me personally. At the time of reading this novel I didn’t know that this was a series and I had read another book before this one and not know it was a part of a series. I plan to find out the first book of the Sigma Force series to read in order hopefully in the future. Overall, loved this indepth slow burn of a novel that kept me on my toes as well as kept me leaning towards reading rather than doing anything else. The author really panned out everything in the novel and made it very easy to read to understand the plot narrative.


Sexual Reawakening

Little Black Dress – James Patterson with Emily Raymond

Book shots, thriller, mystery, horror, fiction.

Rating 7.9/10

Jane suffered a horrible divorce two years ago, going to therapy, and being celibate for that time duration. When she sees a pretty little black dress, she decides to buy it and go out on the town. She has some adventures and her last causes some chaos.

This was a good book shot novel. Not the best but wished there was a bit more drama or more thrills in it. I did appreciate this novels story and the thought of a dress causing this woman to have some sexual adventures. This would’ve worked better as a novel rather than a book shot.

A.I. VS Witches VS Religion

Crucible – James Rollin

Thriller, fiction.

Rating 10/10

Gray Peirce comes home to find out his house was in shambles as well as his wife, their unborn child, two children are gone. His best friend’s wife is in a comma state. He seeks out who ever done this. They want Eve, the artificial intelligence in exchange of the pregnant woman and two children. Monk has the hospital use their resources to try to revive his wife so that they can have a witness tell them who targeted them. Someone takes a version of Eve and makes an evil and dark version of Eve. This becomes a war over technology and with technology.

I couldn’t put down this book. I simply binge read this novel in two days. I love the blend of action, history, adventure, and science. I blindly chose this book off the shelf and I am not mad at my choice. I enjoyed reading this book. I plan to read more from James Rollin because I love how he writes fiction. This was a page turner for sure. This novel suggests the idea of artificial intelligence technology and proves that A.I. might be dangerous in the wrong hands and in the right hands possibly helpful. I highly recommend this novel.

Mysteries can be DANGEROUS

The Exile – James Patterson with Alison Joseph {Bookshot}

Mystery, supernatural, horror, fiction.

Rating 8/10

An ex-cop, Finn O’Grady, had left home for a long time. Now his ex-love is calling on him to come protect her from a family curse. The said family curse is haunting her family and targeting her son. With haste, Finn decides to come and investigate. While investigating, murders happen, Finn promises to save his love and her child. When the evil surfaces and shows itself, it’s a race to survive.

I never heard of bookshots and decided to give them a go. Within one hundred and fifty pages is a story without fluff. Completely a storyline without any distractions forcing the reader to read. I found myself never stopping to even get water until I completed the bookshot. I enjoyed this one a lot. I plan to read more of these soon. I recommend bookshots for whenever one is on the go and wants to read a short book.

Keep Running! DON’T LOOK BACK!

Deadman Running – James Patterson with Christopher Farnsworth

Murder mystery, thriller, fiction.

Rating 10/10

Randall Beck is an ordinary psychiatrist who works with patients that have extreme cases of post-traumatic stress disorder. What his patients don’t know is that Beck has a brain tumor that is slowly but surely killing him. After a session with his patient, he walks with his patient outside. A van comes and someone assassinates his patient in front of his eyes. The very same van comes, and these men claim they are with the secret service, but they aren’t. They temporarily kidnap Beck, but Beck manages to get away. He calls help from an associate, Susan. After finding out that the patient’s wife is dead and there was a woman claiming to be his wife, it is a fight to escape. Now all the police are after Beck and Susan for a crime they didn’t commit. Beck races the clock to rescue as many lives as he can before his own clock ends. The senator holds Beck and Susan hostage and proposes the idea of Beck being the bomber man. If Beck cooperates, Susan will be freed and sent home alive. Now Beck has no choice but to cooperate and be a kamikaze solider for this senator. Both Beck and Susan simultaneously make plans to save themselves.

I extremely loved this thriller mystery novel. It was so fast paced and intense that I finished it in one day. It is rare for me to really love the novel to finish it in one day like this one. It was a page turner for sure and I loved the race against time. James Patterson’s collaboration with Christopher Farnsworth was the best. It wasn’t expected for the plot twist, however. I would recommend this for anyone who wants to read an excellent mystery thriller. This book satisfied what I wanted as a thriller novel. There was no cliché bullshit either, so I was happy with this novel.

Not Another Horrible Romance Novel!

The Mister – E.L. James

Erotic Romance, Fiction

Rating 2/10

Maxim had found out his brother died and left his entire earldom to him. Meanwhile Alessia Demachi is on the run from bad people and had sought refuge as well as a job by being a cleaning daily for Maxim. Maxim finds out she can play beautiful music on the piano as well as uncaptured by her. Both Maxim and Alessia are interested in each other and as time goes on things get steamy between the two, both attempting to hold back due to each other’s secrets. Alessia on the run from these sex trafficking men and Maxim is and earl, no thanks to his brother. Alessia tells him the truth and he can’t help but to help her. Trouble arises and Maxim must rescue Alessia.

I had such high hopes for this author to bring good despite her past works that were literately crap. This was just as bad the other works James had ever written and produced. Not sorry, but the whole rich guy and poor girl romance is boring and not exciting. It’s quite pathetic in my opinion. Maybe this author needs to try a new genre that isn’t romance nor erotica. I’ve read fan-fiction that was hell of a lot steamier and sexier than this and that says a lot from someone who hardly ever reads romance novels.

Patterson Could’ve Done Better

The Injustice – James Patterson

Social media, documentary films, high school, family problems, grief, mystery, detective, young adult.

Rating 1/10

Theo Foster is being charged and expelled from high school because of a photo he never had posted. Determined, he seeks out who would frame him, and ruin other’s lives. Theo comes across some disturbing secrets and uncovers ugly truths that put him and the other lives who was ruined back in good graces. Theo does the right thing and is happy for doing the right thing.

I hated how this book started off and ended. I can tell this novel was poorly written and wasn’t well thought into. This novel was sad and pathetic in the end. James Patterson should stick with adult fiction rather than attempting to make young adult fiction. No offense for James Patterson fans. This one just wasn’t his best work.

Twilight Was Better Than This..

50 Shades of Grey – E.L. James

Adult situations, romance, bdsm, drama, fiction, fantasy

Rating 1/10

“50 Shades of Grey” by E.L. James, it is about a rich man, Christian Grey, who has a dark side to him that prevents him from loving a woman the right and proper way due to his upbringing. Ana Steele is a woman who went for her best friend to interview this rich man and she is instantly captivated by Mr. Grey. Later on, they cross paths and eventually date. Not actually date but discus his dark pleasures. Ana is curious about said dark pleasures and he takes her to his room where his dark pleasures happen. His dark pleasures is bondage sexual activities. She signs to be his mistress and apart of his world. After regretting one taste of his darkness she runs away from him and he wants to reconcile. He goes groveling to her.

I have to say I hate this book because of the themes and ideas. Originally, I was curious as to what was the whole hype. I deeply regret ever reading this book. Terrible written porn and unless one is a bored house wife, one would find this thrilling. Never will reread this book. Not sorry.

James, E. L. Fifty Shades of Grey. Vintage Books, 2012.