pretending has consequences

Takane & Hana – Yuki Shiwasu

Romance, comedy, arranged marriages, fiction, manga.

Rating 10/10

Takane’s grandfather wants Takane married so he arranges a marriage with one of the employees’ daughter. Hana’s sister doesn’t want to go to the meeting, so their father forces the other daughter, Hana, to go disguised as her sister. Takane can see right through the disguise and starts to be rude to her. Hana goes on the charade as her sister but when things got a little too much, she told him the truth and he knew already all along. He just wanted to see how far she was willing to take it. He takes her on dates and spends money on her that this annoys her. Although she is starting to fall for him, and he is slowly falling for her too.

I really expected the novel to have this despise to lust or some sort of game to go on between the two characters Takane and Hana. I enjoyed this manga so much. There is more comedy present than romance but as this is the first volume, maybe more romance in other volumes. I do plan to order more of this series. I’ve become obsessed with manga and most of it is my boyfriend’s fault. Literature is literature, just a different format presentation. I do recommend this manga too if one is into romantic comedies.