very discreet job indeed….

Nanny Needed – Georgina Cross

Thriller, mystery, psychological, fiction. 

Rating 9/10

Sarah comes across a new job that seemed odd at first. Someone needs a nanny and it has to be discreet. Her fiancee, Jonathan, tells her that she should go for it. This nanny job could help them financially get more stable. She calls the number and sets up an interview. At the interview with the prospective family, she sees nothing but a rich family needing someone to take care of their child. Then there are some rather suspicious behaviors going on with the woman who wanted the nanny. There is something off about the child and her mother but there is no child. Sarah comes to realize that there is a darker plot going on and she got caught up in it. 

This novel took me on a rollercoaster of varying emotions and thoughts. I hadn’t suspected some of the twists and turns. I hadn’t expected the plot twist to happen in such a way that caused me to have to set the book down. Cross just grabbed the reader and kidnapped them with her plot. Yes, there was a slow build-up going on but that plot twist she executed was done so perfectly. I enjoyed reading this novel overall. It kept me on my toes for sure.