kids fighting in space?!

Ender’s Game – Orson Scott Card

Wars, military, training, children, Science fiction.

Rating 8/10

Ender lives in a world where being a Third born child is frowned upon, but he is still treated like everyone else, including having a monitor installed. These monitors keep track of families discreetly. Graff was interested in Ender and decided to test Ender to see if he is proven to be a worthy leader. After the test, Ender had his monitor removed. Graff comes to make an offer to Ender, either come join or be a burden on the family. Ender considers the future and decides to go with Graff to go receive training to become a leader. Graff was given permission to do what ever he sees fit into molding Ender. No matter the cost. Ender endures the trainings and was placed right into war. Ender won’t be able to cope with what he was molded to do.

I sort of liked this book. The book was slow for me, but it quickly picked up the pace. A lot of science fiction but mostly focused on space travel and space wars. I had some trouble coming to terms with the whole idea of children being trained but logically makes sense. I felt bad for Ender because children shouldn’t have to feel like they are a burden. There are more books in this series that I might read in the future. I would have to most likely reread this novel before reading the rest of the series but right now this is what’s accessible due to the corona virus pandemic. Not saying that I felt forced reading this novel. I saved this book and the rest of the series for a “rainy” day. Overall, if one is into science fiction that’s focused on wars and military, this is up that alley.



The Lying Game – Ruth Ware

Psychological thriller, horror, fiction.

Rating 6/10

A group of teenage girls at a boarding school become best of friends and create a game called the Lying Game. It has some rules that are common sense to have. An incident happens and the four girls part ways. As adults, they all are called for a meeting because of that incident. Now they have no choice but to continue to lie so that they don’t get into trouble. It is a fight to make themselves look as innocent as possible. When the truth comes out, someone was murdered, and it is a fight to escape.

This novel was fine and well written. Didn’t really understand the plot much and it confused me of what happened. Ruth Ware has other great novels, this one wasn’t the best Ware’s written. This review is short because I don’t know what else to say. Don’t lie to anyone because lying is wrong. That is the main message of this novel. Lying has consequences and those consequences can be severe. I did like the thrilling scenes that did occur in this novel. Wasn’t happy with the ending though.