the benefits of being a dog walker…

The Unexpected Everything – Morgan Matson

Fathers and daughters, friendship, love, social issues, family, young adult, fiction.

Rating 7/10

Andie has had everything mapped out and preplanned and rehearsed in her life so there would be no surprises nor changes in plans. She usually is very organized to the point she had her summer planned. She would go to work as an intern hopefully. When plans fall through Andie had to make alternative plans, meaning she has to resort to being a dog walker. She meets Clark, an older teenager, who unexpectedly transforms her life and perspective.

I was all right with this novel. Was not my favorite but it was somewhat good. The growing romance between Andie and Clark was cute at least and the father daughter relationship evolved into a deeper connection. My favorite character would have to be Clark for his mysterious and social awkwardness personality was intriguing and relatable. The mere fact that he got her to do things she had never done before nor considered doing.

Isolation Can Be BAD

Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine – Gail Honeyman

Single women, social isolation, intergenerational relations, friendship, computer technicians, Glasgow, Ireland, psychological, contemporary women, fiction.

Rating 7/10

Eleanor Oliphant is a woman with an interesting personality and ideology for life due to her past trauma involving a psychotically mentally ill mother. Eleanor has a schedule that consists of Monday through Friday working at her job. From Friday to Sunday, she drinks one bottle of vodka throughout the weekend and doing her usual routine. Eleanor is fine with this lifestyle. When unusual and unpolite behavior comes across her way, she tries to understand life through her own ways of interpretation. Raymond comes into her life and he changes her life. Raymond shows her that life should be way better than just fine. Through life changing events, Eleanor heals from past trauma and becomes herself the way she wants to be.

I did like this book in the beginning. As I saw one of my college professors reading this novel and spoke about the novel with deep interest. I personally saw Eleanor as antisocial, but I had guessed due to past traumas. Overall, this book was fine and was short but with a thick plot that should’ve and could’ve been expanded into a lengthier story. I just did not like the climax, but the ending sufficed enough. Maybe in the future I will reread this novel and give the novel another chance possibly.

This Was Okay?

The Universal Laws of Marco – Carmen Rodriguez

Friendship, love, Cuban Americans, Miami, young adult, fiction.

Rating 4/10

Marco has his whole life planned by him. It is senior year, he is working hard for his family, applying to colleges, and has a girlfriend. He remembers a time where he and this girl, Sally used to be close friends and she was his first kiss. Sally disappeared for a long time and Marco had coped with her disappearance and moved on. When Sally had returned, this threw Marco’s universe into a whole new direction. He finds himself thinking more and more about her. Eventually his girlfriend catches on and breaks up with him. Sally comes around and Marco confesses his love for her. Sally confesses her love for him as well. Both Sally and Marco look forward to a future together.

I sort of enjoyed this novel, but it was too painstakingly slow. To me it was too much of a cliché love story. Childhood best friends becoming lovers is overplayed and would’ve wanted a better story. There was too much telling of the past and present that it got confusing for me. I did enjoy the use of astrology because it made the story a bit better. With all considered with this young adult novel, maybe if someone was into cheesy teen romance novels, this would be for them. I was expecting something different but instead got a stupid cliché.