A High School Reunion Gone WRONG

Dying for Devil’s Food – Jenn McKinlay

Murder mystery, school reunions, fiction.

Rating 9/10

Melanie was happy with her life, her engagement, and her success at becoming a bakery with her best friend Angie. Angie tells her about the fifteenth high school reunion and how they must go. Melanie disagrees and wishes to not go; however, some convincing later Melanie agrees to go. When they arrive at the high school reunion, they get complements of the great cupcakes. Melanie confronts her long-time bully, Cassidy, and puts her in her place as Melanie goes to enjoy the rest of the reunion together. Just as when Melanie leaves, they see a very dead Cassidy. Melanie and her best friend Angie discus who might’ve killed Cassidy. Everyone assumes that it was Melanie who killed Cassidy due to their troubled pasts together, but Melanie is innocent. Both girls are invested in finding out who killed Cassidy. It was Dwight who wanted originally Megan to die so that the truth of the affair came to light but the poison went to Cassidy instead.

I wanted to read something different and quirky, so I found this novel. At first, I thought this was going to be a cliché murder mystery novel, but it wasn’t. I really enjoyed this little murder mystery novel a lot. I wished it was longer to enjoy and wanted to see more murders. Sadly, murder mysteries are varied of what the genre has to offer. In the future I will want to read more of this author, Jenn McKinlay. McKinlay had written this small novel in such a way that is humorful but serious and thrilling. I would say to give this book a read.