Monterey is a beautiful place…

Tortilla Flat – John Steinbeck

Hispanic Americans, Monterey, classic literature, fiction.

Rating 8/10

Danny returns home from the war and deals with life after the war. Danny realizes that he owns two houses and decides to share with his good friend Pilon whom Danny let’s stay at the second house. Pilon promises to pay for the room and be a good friend. Time progress and two more people, Pablo and Jesus Maria join into the group. They navigate together in an unforgettable adventure and get a sense of belonging amongst each other in Monterey.

I was recommended this author to read since I plan to move to Monterey. I loved this novel and I found the Arthurian legend themes in a new and modern adaptation with the place of Monterey was really intriguing, Usually I have a harder time reading classics, but this came at an ease. I binge read this novel so fast. I do recommend this novel for sure. I had a good time reading this novel. I plan to read another book of Steinbeck’s.