protect the students from the villains

My Hero Academia Vol.3 – Kohei Horikoshi

Heroes, villains, crime fighting, drama, comedy, manga, school, fiction.

Rating 7/10

During the fight on the USJ building, where the U.A. students were training at, All Might comes to fight. No one knows why but All Might know why. He is a target for his quirk that only a few people know and are aware of his quirk. The fight goes to the extreme and gets easier once the Pro-Heroes and teachers come to help the fight. The villains escape and retreat. After the students are transported out and to hospitals to be looked over, luckily only a few injuries. The school board and police work together to attempt to make the school safe to protect the students. The principal mentions the Sports Festival. All Might pulls Midoriya over to tell him to make himself an image during the Sports Festival, because there are a lot of prospective sponsors and groups looking at them to decide to make offers with the students who perform excellently. Midoriya and his classmates get ready for the Sports Festival and they find themselves wanting recognition by different companies or mentors.

I found this manga to be alright, mostly fight scenes and the whole sports festival story arc. So not that bad, just not my thing. There are plenty of good character interactions and some character development. I do find the sports festival to be a little distracting, but this helps with the plot because the students need to find mentors to further their academics and such. I just love the artwork because they really get into detail and the facial features of Bakugo really are fitting for his character. He is one of my favorites, despite his anger issues. Totally lovable. Just saying. It’s my best friend’s fault, she introduced me, and I fell into a deep hole of severe obsession and so did my boyfriend. Anyways, the writing is good and the artwork, as I said before, is equally great which is essential when it comes to reading manga in general.


Bakugo VS Midoriya

My Hero Academia Vol.2 – Kohei Horikoshi

Heroes, villains, crime fighting, drama, comedy, manga, school, fiction.

Rating 8/10

Midoriya got into U.A. High, the prestigious school in Japan that produces Por-Heroes, and now possesses One for All that All Might gave to him. Classes begin and All Might is teaching at U.A. High. All Might must not give favoritism to his prodigy when it comes to grading the hero practice portion of the class. All the classmates are paired off into two. Each two is one team. Using two teams, All Might decided how to assign two groups, one is going to be the hero and the other is going to be the villain. The goal for the heroes is to either secure the weapon that the villains have hidden in the building or capture the villains. The villains must be clever enough to not be captured and keep their weapon safe. The teams that go up are Uraraka and Midoriya, the heroes, versus Iida and Bakugo, the villains. Bakugo takes things too far when fighting Midoriya and causes lots of damage. However, the rest of the class goes through this practice training. After that, they are about to do the rescue training portion of the class and unsuspecting that real villains arrived, and they got a mission.

I was suspecting this to be exactly like the anime, given that the format of the anime is into different episodes whereas the manga its split into chapters. I did enjoy this partially because I love some characters and their interactions with the rest of the class as well as each other. Bakugo still humors me because of his temperament with Midoriya. All Midoriya wants to do is be Bakugo’s equal. Especially since before meeting All Might that Midoriya was quirkless. Now Midoriya can become a hero but he has to figure out how to even use One for All without damaging his body. I have hopes for Midoriya. He is pretty driven which I like that in a character. I do recommend both reading the manga and watching the anime. I have to read more the manga to see whether or not the manga aligns with the anime,

illegal supers?

My Hero Academia Vigilantes Vol. 1

Story – Hideyuki Furuhashi

Art – Betten Court

Original Concept – Kohei Horikoshi

Superheroes, vigilantes, crime fighting, manga, young adult, fiction.

Rating 5/10

Koichi lives in a world where most of the population has a quirk, whether that quirk be useful or strange. He has a slide and glide quirk that doesn’t and isn’t impressive at all. When Knuckleduster arrives and tells Koichi that they must work together to fight as vigilantes, he doesn’t believe in the old man. Both save Pop Step from these villains who prove to be super powerful suddenly. Both investigate this weird occurrences and concluded that since no one is noticing these incidences that they must take matters into their own hands.

I read this because my boyfriend was so fascinated by the plot. I disagree. This feels very much like the main series but without hero fighting but just being vigilantes. I only liked one character, but she wasn’t the focus of the manga. This manga wasn’t my favorite and I prefer the other manga My Hero Academia over this one. There wasn’t much substance to the plot and felt more of a crime fighting rather than wholesome as My Hero Academia was.