less offensive than HP

The Magicians – Lev Grossman

College students, college graduates, magic, psychological, science fiction, fiction.

Rating 5/10

Quentin should be happy for living a good normal life but he isn’t happy that nothing exciting ever happens to him. Inside his beloved favorite novel series, there is always adventure and Quentin craves adventure. When he and his friends go to this man’s house for an interview with him, they find the resident dead. The ambulance woman hands Quentin something and he leaves in a rush to see the contents. After he sees the contents inside he manages to find a door that opens up to this other place. He soons to find himself at a Magical Academy. He never expected that magic was real and the hard work to learn to wield it isn’t as easy as the fiction books had outlined. During this time, he makes both friends and enemies. An incident occurs where it changes his life forever. 

I was curious about the book because the premise was interesting. The novel is a bit fast paced for my personal standards. Maybe others not so much. I felt that the plot was rushed. The character developments were alright. Not my cup of tea honestly. This was way less offensive and more mature than Harry Potter. Time transitions are not easy to spot.


A Lovely Gem

The Husband’s Secret – Liane Moriarty

Suspense, drama, fiction, secrets, death

Rating 9/10

In a town full of people who unknowingly have history together, remember the death of this girl, Janie, Rachel’s daughter who was murdered. The murderer got away and there was no evidence or so what Rachel thought. Rachel had found a tape possibly showing Janie’s murderer. Cecilia has a happy marriage and three daughters with a man whom she loves very dearly. While cleaning, she comes across a letter her husband had written ‘in case’ he had died. Out of curiosity, she read the letter to find out her husband, Jean Paul, had murdered Janie. Tess finds out her husband is in love with her best friend, leaves with her child to her mothers for a while. During the two weeks, Tess thought that her husband was sleeping with her best friend but, he was just feeling the middle-aged blues and because of her assumption, she slept with an ex-boyfriend. Rachel find injustice and decided to act, who she thought the murderer of her baby girl, wasn’t him? In this misconception, Rachel accidentally injures Cecilia’s child in the process of gaining revenge. In the end, secrets can become a ticking time bomb and injure innocents in the process.

I had loved this compelling story and glad to have read this book. It is a bit sad but there is a somewhat happy ending. However, it was left on a cliff hanger and those aggravate me. I enjoyed the layered storytelling to bring the story full circle and complete.

Moriarty , Liane. The Husband’s Secret. Penguin Random House , 2013.