this was tolerable and interesting LOL

Conceal, Don’t Feel – Jen Calonita

Frozen, twisted tales, young adult, fiction.

Rating 7/10

Elsa is an only child of Arendelle, and Anna is adopted. Elsa overhears her parents talk about magic and curses. Anna’s parents want to tell her the truth. Later, Elsa becomes queen due to her parents never surviving the trip back. The entire kingdom is in mourning whereas Elsa becomes curious about the A initial in the storage area. Elsa finds out she has a sibling through fragmented memories and the kingdom has a curse. Elsa is determined to find her sister and break the curse.

I am not a fan of anything affiliated with the fandom of Frozen nor the movie. However this book was an exception because it had no singing obviously. This novel had great writing and the author was excellent at keeping with the lore. Calonita made it twisty and that twisty made it interesting. If one is a Frozen fan might enjoy this book more than I had enjoyed. The writing was so excellent and well thought into. This book could’ve been a bit longer but then I wouldn’t be able to cope because as I mentioned before. I wasn’t a fan of this princess nor the surrounding that is this particular princess fandom. True Frozen fans would love this novel more. Just saying with respect.