A whole new realm

Born at Midnight – C.C. Hunter

Supernatural, fantasy, young adult, fiction. 

Rating 10/10

Kylie is having a hard week, her nana dies, her parents are divorcing, and because she got caught up at a drug bust, her parents are sending her to a camp for troubled teens. As she boards the bus, she notices something strange about the passengers soon to be camp mates that they all are intriguing as well as staring at her. Once she arrives the camp leader tells her that they are at a camp for supernatural individuals. Kylie thinks that she is insane and doesn’t believe anything that is going on. After seeing that the existence of the supernatural she highly doubts that she herself is a supernatural. Her newfound camp buddies convince her otherwise and the camp leader tells Kylie that she needs to embrace the fact that she might be a supernatural. The only thing is that she can see and interact with ghosts, with one ghost. The camp leader tells Kylie that she needs to work on finding who or what she is.

I had read this book in high school and decided to reread this book as an adult with fresh eyes. I found myself loving this book the same way I first read the book in high school. I love a good mystery with supernatural elements with some romance in the mix. The mystery of what Kylie is and her personal association with the ghost that has stalked her. I mean I would feel as crazy as Kylie feels. Especially being told that the world isn’t as black and white as she had perceived. I highly recommend this young adult book as well as the rest of the series. I will be doing as much of the series of this novel within my abilities due to the corona virus shutting down the public library. I only have two books, this one and Awake at Dawn. Hopefully the corona virus pandemic blows over so that life can go back to “normal” functioning.

fate can be a funny thing…

My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! Vol. 1

Story – Satoru Yamaguchi

Art – Nami Hidaka

Young adult, romantic comedy, personal development comedy, video games, fantasy, manga, fiction.

Rating 9/10

 A high school student goes on her way to school when a nasty traffic accident kills her. She finds herself awake with head pain and surrounded by Victorian dressed people speaking very politely. As soon as she realizes the eerily coincidences of the characters, she has an epiphany. She is inside the video game she was playing in her past life. She has become Katarina, the villainess of the video game. Having prior knowledge, she knows what she must do to ensure that she doesn’t die again. Things tend to go haywire for her.

My boyfriend got this manga because he was captured by the synopsis and I was equally as interested. Overall, this manga was surely fun to read and very lighthearted. A very good laugh and distraction for these troubled times we all are going through. I do recommend this manga especially since we all are going through a rock and a hard place. This manga will make one forget all troubles for a moment. I love this manga a lot. No matter what the main character does it would seem to create more drama or lead her down a path of doom. This is sort of hilarious and really makes one rethink their life. What if this is all a simulation or a video game? No one knows.

worst chosen one ever!

Carry On – Rainbow Rowell

Young Adult, LGBTQ+, fantasy, romance, wizards, fiction.

Rating 9/10

Simon Snow is the worst chosen one and he is always reminded of that. The Mage has always been his guardian for a long time, preparing as well as protecting Simon from the Humdrum. Simon has a vampire wizard roommate who has the hots for him. Simon’s girlfriend breaks up with him. Baz’s (Simon’s roommate) mother visits Simon to tell him to warn Baz that her killer is on the loose. It takes a team effort to make it through the final year at Watford. In the midst of the madness and chaos, romance blooms between Baz and Simon.

I heard good reviews about this novel and decided to check it out. I like this book. It has a lot of witchcraft and elements of romance. It’s a lot to unpack to read because there is a lot of different perspectives to the narrative that help explain further of what’s going on. My favorite was the roommate having the hots for Simon. I swear that he was being a douche to him because they’re fated to be enemies. I was happily wrong. Although I do like plot twists because they always tend to keep the reader and or audience on their toes, unsuspecting of what may or may not happen. I would recommend this novel for sure.

Nothing is as it Seems ..

The Mortal Instruments: Graphic Novel Volume 1 – Cassandra Clare, Art by – Cassandra Jean

Young Adult, fiction, fantasy, fiction.

Rating 6/10

Clary is at a bar with her friend Simon, enjoying the night life. Clary’s eyes catch onto some interesting people that only seem to only be visible to Clary. Clary returns home to receive news that her mother wants to move out of the city to the countryside for no logical reason. She heads out with Simon. After running into the guy, she saw the previous night, she gets a horrifying phone call from her mother that leaves her wanting to go see what’s wrong. Clary comes back to this monster that’s destroying her home. She doesn’t remember what happened when she wakes up in a hospital. These people who surround her are discussing what she is, she finds out that she isn’t human at all. All she knows is that her mother is missing, a whole new mystical world is revealed to her, and she must do what it takes to try to rescue her mother as well as navigate this new world.

This graphic novel felt plain and boring. It was a slow start and got a little interesting towards the end. I understand why this series was popular. I feel that the novel would be better than the graphic novel version of this. A lot felt missing and felt quickly paced rather than a slow burn. I might have to give this a reread to understand the concept of the work.


The Tesla Legacy – K.K. Perez

Young adult, science fiction, genetic, alchemy, fantasy, fiction.

Rating 9/10

Lucy had always lived a pretty normal life minus the constant seizures in her life. Her parents have always had her on lockdown because of this. She never had a normal life until she had convinced her parents to at least let her go to public school, but even then, she felt like an outsider. When she came across a mysterious photo and decides to pursue the photo’s location in which it was taken, she discovers a secret lab of Nikola Tesla. As she learns more and more about her unique powers, one side wants her dead whereas the other side wants her alive. She had to make a risky decision to save her life and others as well.

I enjoyed this unique novel but felt it was too cliched for my taste. A young girl being hid away from the rest of the world and finding out she has something incredible powers or something to that nature. I am fine with this because unlike others this novel was written with in depth narrative. The plot builds up to the climax was incredible and well thought into. I hate the fact that this book left on a cliffhanger which means the author is bound to make a sequel. I really hope that this novel becomes a series because it has immense potential.

Mermaids are Neat Creatures

The Mermaid – Christina Henry

Sideshows, mermaids, circus, fantasy, fiction.

Rating 8/10

A mermaid becomes curious of land and finds herself realizing she can turn her mermaid fin into two legs and walk on land. She approaches a fisherman by the name of Jack, and he knew she was a mermaid, one that he had caught and released back into the ocean. Jack taught her English and other necessary things for survival. They had lived in the cottage together for a while until he left on an expedition and never returned. Amelia, deciding to keep the name, lives in the cottage and interacts with the village folk. Barnum is looking for a new exhibition and wants a mermaid. He sends his henchman to find a mermaid in the small village that was rumored that inhabits a mermaid. Levi finds Amelia, she at first claims she is no mermaid and the rumors are of drunken fishermen. Amelia decides for herself to go to the Museum and make a deal with Barnum. Barnum is proud of Levi and rewards him. Amelia confronts Barnum about multiple issues and Levi agrees with her points. Barnum fails to see and fails to be reasoned with. Levi has fallen for Amelia and vice versa. They married and had a child together and leave the circus for good.

I enjoyed this novel so much. I recommend this to mermaid fanatics to read this novel. It was well put together and a page turner. There were no dull moments in this novel nor was plain. The way the author told the story and added so much plot made the story interesting. The take on the mythology of mermaids was unique and was not cliché. My only problem with the novel was that it was the stereotypical circus man seeking new attractions was an issue but nonetheless it was a good novel overall.

Sad and Depressing!

How to Stop Time – Matt Haig

Science fiction, fantasy, fiction.

Rating 4/10

Tom is a man with a rare condition where he ages slower than most. Since this condition exists only with a group of individuals, Tom has lived nowhere for too long and has lived through history, being a part of history. Tom recollects the times in which he has lived and the memories. Tom misses his mother and his daughter whom shares his condition and has yet disappeared, leaving Tom wanting to find her. Tom was relocated by the society back to his hometown in England to be a history teacher at a high school. When he sees the French professor, he instantly is falling for her, but he must remember the one rule he must obey, never fall in love at all. Love can be risky especially since Tom’s condition allows him to slowly age unlike other humans. Tom finds out he knows where his daughter is and must top reminiscing the past and finally live in the present.

I genuinely do not how to feel about this science fiction novel. It felt all over the place personally. Too much reflecting on the past rather than the now of the story. It may seem like a purpose to tell about the character’s long agonizing past, but it never fitted in with the plot of the story. This novel would be better if there were organized time skips. The other issue that I had with this novel is that this character’s life, Tom’s, was utterly depressing. One would think if a man lived so long, he would have had more exciting stories to tell. Anyways, overall this novel was mediocre for what this novel is, given that it is science fiction.

An Insight on The Past

Stranger Things: Darkness on The Edge of Town – Adam Christopher

Science fiction, fantasy

Rating 9/10

Jim Hopper had adopted Eleven, named her Jane Hopper but still calls her El. As the time of Christmas, it isn’t easy for Hopper. For he had a family once before and lost his family in a tragic way. Eleven whose curiosity wonders, asks Hopper of his past. Hopper doesn’t really wish to share about his past, but he gives in and tells her from the beginning. Jim Hopper worked as a detective homicide in N.Y.P.D. There had been three murders exactly alike and it disturbs Hopper and his coworkers as well. Things become eerily dark as truths surface and a sinister evil is looming over the entire town. Hopper retelling all this to Eleven helps him cope with the past a bit more.

This novel was exceptionally good, and it was well written. I enjoyed this novel as it is from one of my favorite shows, Stranger Things. Hopper retelling to Eleven was equally as heart warming as Hopper adopting Eleven as Jane Hopper. If one hasn’t seen Stranger Things, it is wise to go watch it then to read this novel. I would’ve hoped that this book could have been slightly better. This gives insight as to Hopper’s background, where he came from, what experiences he went through before coming back to Hawkins, Indiana.

A Dangerous Tournament

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: Year Four – J.K. Rowling

Fantasy, witches, wizards, schools, England.

Rating 12/10

Harry Potter is invited to the Quidditch World Cup with the Weasleys as well as stay there for the rest of the summer and go to school from there. After attending the event, trouble comes Harry’s way, death eaters come to terrorize and left them all traumatized slightly. Time to return to Hogwarts for Year Four and this year is different than the last. It is the Triwizard Tournament. Three schools: Hogwarts, Beauxbatons, Durmstrang, three students: One from each school, three tasks, one victor.  However, the Triwizard Cup chose two champions from Hogwarts, Cedric Diggory and Harry Potter. Now Harry Potter will have to try to survive each task, but the question remains. Who put his name into the Triwizard cup? Who ever had done it wanted Harry dead? In the first task, its against a dragon and the goal is to retrieve the golden egg that contains a hint as to what the next task is. An unexpected task happens, and it is the Yule Ball. It ends in heart break and friends not speaking with each other. In the second task, the victors must retrieve what or whom was taken from. Harry nearly survives the murderous mermaids and other water creatures. It’s the third task now that involves a maze. A very dangerous maze. After Harry and Cedric grab the cup, they are transported to a graveyard. Cedric is killed and Harry comes face to face with a resurrected Lord Voldemort. He also nearly escapes from him and wins the Triwizard Tournament. No one believes him that Lord Voldemort is back.

I really love this novel a lot because it has so much excitement. There are dragons and mermaids and mazes plus some other events like a Yule Ball that made me feel so bad for Hermione. She secretly hoped that Ron had asked her, and he didn’t at all. I had always thought that Ron and Hermione had a crush on each other from day one. There are other plot twists that weren’t expected as well as some comedic scenes by the Weasley twins. I highly recommend giving this book a read for sure because its detailed and fun to read.

Aunts Blown Up, Death of a Creature, and A Man Wrongfully Committed.. What a MESS!

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban: Year Three – J.K. Rowling

Fantasy, witches, wizards, schools, England.

Rating 8/10

After surviving his second year at Hogwarts, Harry Potter dreaded summers now. Only because he can’t work on his magic and studies due to his muggle family, the Dursleys. It wasn’t as dreadful as last summer though because he was able to get letters from his friends as well as manage to sneak doing magic and studies. His uncle, Vernon, shares news of his sister, Marge, is coming to visit and Harry is not happy about it. When Marge shows up, she talks trash talk about Harry’s parents and Harry blew her up, into a balloon! Harry packs his stuff right away and takes the Knight Bus away. He stays at a hotel where he is greeted by the Weasleys and Hermione. He learns of a wizard named Sirius Black is on the loose and hears that Black is his god parent as well as possibly Black being responsible for betraying his parents. Tables had turned and it was the new professor, Lupin, to tell Harry the truth of who betrayed his parents. It was Peter Pettigrew who betrayed Lily and James Potter as well as work for Lord Voldemort. Peter manages to escape as a rat and Black is meant to be taken back to Hogwarts. Harry learns that Lupin is a werewolf and had barely escaped him. However, using Hermione’s time turner, they save Black and the hippogriff Buckbeak. 

This book wasn’t exactly my favorite in the series, but I did enjoy this novel, nonetheless. I have to say that there were some good qualities of this book and I prefer the movie, just this once. It was a nice change not having to hear about Lord Voldemort. My new favorite characters had to be Sirius and Lupin. Both misunderstood in their own ways. Lupin being a werewolf and Sirius being framed for a crime he did not commit at all.