witness protection mystery?

Pieces of Her – Karin Slaughter

Mothers and daughters, violence, identity, family secrets, mystery, detective, police procedural, suspense, fiction.

Rating 7/10

Andrea is at a local diner, having dinner with her mother, and having a long day already. Suddenly a man comes in and shoots at some people that sit in a booth next to hers. The attacker sees Andrea and her mother and tries to shoot them. Laura, Andrea’s mother, tries to come between her daughter and the shooter telling her daughter to run away and for the shooter to shoot at herself. The shooter sees Andrea’s work uniform and begs for Andrea to use her gun, but Andrea is frozen in spot. She watches her calm mother take out the shooter. After that ordeal, her mother gave her instructions to move out and let Laura be alone. Andrea becomes so confused and tries to understand what had gone wrong as well as trying to understand why her mother was skilled in what she did to the shooter. A day later, Andrea sees a hooded man circling around her mother’s house and goes inside. Being extra precautions Andrea follows behind and hopes her mother isn’t home. Unfortunately, her mother was home and the intruder were about to do some serious harm to her mother. Andrea did what she could only do was protect her mother by calling the police and knocking the man out. Her mother tells her to take the makeup bag, gave specific instructions, and run away to never come back until her mother calls her to tell her so. When Andrea comes across the storage unit and sees a past that Laura never told her daughter about. Andrea is left to try to put the pieces of what happened to her mother and the truth of her mother on her own while on the run.

This novel was alright and was decently paced. I never had read anything like this before and I had my doubts that this novel as going to be good. I was a little wrong but the novel like I said before was decent. There was no cliché besides the whole hidden identity, but the author had kept it refreshed and gave the novel some depth. There are timeline switches going from the point of view of Andrea in the modern timeline and her mother’s perspective. That has clear and distinct to the switching perspectives that add onto the storyline to create clarity of the plot. I found this novel to be as good as the reviews this book had. I hope to read more of this author soon once this quarantine is over and social distancing is gone. I miss going to the library.