Lois Lane is a badass woman…

Lois Lane: Fallout – Gwenda Bond

DC, super heroes, fiction.

Rating 8/10

Lois Lane’s first day at Metropolis High is just a new day at a different high school except there are bullies. These people are a part of this online society that is cult-like. Lois wants just normalcy and that challenged the normalcy part when this society began to affect her. She puts her reporter hat on and digs into this mystery. 

This was an interesting read as I do love Lois Lane. She is a spit fire of a woman. I can’t say more other than this is really good at giving her a backstory. I enjoyed this adventure and hadn’t known much about the backstory of Lois Lane. This helps understand her passion for being a reporter as we see her in her young adult life at the Daily Planet. Origin stories are always fun to read and a pleasure to know. This felt short but I found out that there are more in this series which I will eventually hunt down. I do recommend this novel if you love Lois Lane.