then its not really a mistake

By Mist@ke – Sigal Ehrlich

Romance, new adult, fiction.

Rating 9/10

Anna receives a mysterious email and replies. Liam realizes that he sent the email to the wrong person. However, both decide to spark a conversation that led to Liam and Anna having feelings for each other. Liam offers to meet in person and Anna decides why not meet in person. They slowly get to know each other and right when their friendship was going to become a romance, he is faced with his reality of being a resident doctor and he has tried a relationship before that combusted. He tells her its over and she is left heartbroken. While he is at Doctors Without Borders, he has an epiphany and returns to make amends.

This was an interesting romance novel and I have had a hard time trying to find the new adult genre. This was one of the few I could find. I loved this novel and wished it was longer. Knowing that this is to become a series, I am invested in reading the next installation. The author has an excellent way of writing comedy alongside romance with a touch of slow burn. The characters felt like real people and their interactions felt like chemistry. I would want to read more of this author, and I would recommend this novel.