interestingly enough

The History of Jane Doe – Michael Belanger

Young adult, fiction.

Rating 6/10

A new girl comes to town by the name Jane Doe and she befriends Raymond and Simon. Raymond being a history buff tells her all sorts of history and Simon being obsessed with vampire books. Their interactions are told through past and present about the life of Jane and the aftermath of Jane.

Sorry to make this one short but this was an extremely tiny and packed book. I feel that this could have been reformatted into a bigger book with two parts divided rather than alternative chapters. I did not like this book much because it was sad and depressing. Sometimes depression is simply a silent killer, and no one can change the course of events because one cannot predict the outcome. I did like how Simon and Raymond dealt with her passing and I have to say at first, I was going to say unhealthy, but the problem is that everyone grieves differently. As long as one can reach out for help coping with a loss of a friend whether the circumstances be suicide or death from an illness. Never forget to take care of one’s self health and communicate with others.