High School for the Dead?

Ascenders, High School of the Recently Departed – C.L. Gaber

Young adult, fiction, after life, death, high school

Rating 10/10

After an accident, Walker Callaghan finds herself somewhere new and unfamiliar with her mother. A place called The Academy where teenagers go when they unfortunately died young. Walker tries to understand what is going on and is sort of enjoying this after life high school. One day her mother goes back to the living because she woke up from a coma. Sadly, Walker needed to properly say goodbye because she didn’t get a chance. Someone else wants to return to the living as well. Daniel Reid wants to return to the living realm to save his brother who didn’t make it back from the crash where Daniel and his siblings died and came to this after life realm. Both Daniel and Walker work together into research to get back to the living realm. It becomes risky when they join a Criminology class, receive an assignment to go to the other school that is for the bad teenagers who committed horrendous crimes. They get an answer from a teenager who claims to have returned to the living realm and came back. Daniel and Walker talk to this teen and after preparing to return to the living realm. It’s dangerous because in the living realm the bad parts stayed and the good parts came back to this realm, the so-called demons, once they sense the part of themselves, they go after the other part to kill. Only way to fight the demons is with old age weapons. No modern weapons. Walker and Daniel take a huge risk that can cost them their lives.

I had gotten this book and the entire book series at Los Angeles Festival of Books on April fourteenth of this year because the genre was very unique and something I haven’t read yet. After reading this book, I instantly was glad I had gotten the trilogy because the first book made me curious as to what will happen next and now, I don’t have to do much waiting. I really love this book. I plan to possibly post the next book in the series as well as the third book also. I highly recommend giving this book a read. I would say that this book can be read by adults as well.