nope didn’t like this new book. Not sorry~

Girl A – Abigail Dean

Thriller, psychological, cults, fiction.

Rating 5/10

Girl A, otherwise known as Lexie, finds out that her mother died in prison. She and her other siblings who suffered the carnage of the abuse find themselves wrapped into the past once again. Their story of how they escaped the cult and abuse tells more secrets of their family. Each of their traumas and the media glare, each struggle with facing what comes to them. All have to agree on the final act and Lexie approaches them all. 

I saw this and was wondering about the hype. I always am wondering about the hype with a lot of these books. I didn’t like this novel as much as others. I don’t know. I think the whole cult thing was overdone. It was also very sad with glimmers of hope. I did like the storytelling and writing. I honestly don’t think this book was for a reader like me. I’m sure another reader would have loved this book but this wasn’t for me personally.


Never Trust Computers…

Demon Seed – Dean Koontz

Horror, computers, isolation, fiction.

Rating 8/10

A woman, Susan Harris, drove herself into isolation. She loves a solidary lifestyle. Especially in her mansion that has an A.I (artificial intelligence). This provides some comfort with her and she feels ultimately safe. Up until the A.I. malfunctions and sees Susan as means to understand human flesh. Susan must do whatever it takes to get out of the damned house.

This short novel was excellent. I enjoyed the different type of antagonist that was the A.I. and the quick paced plot. Overall, I had found myself immensely scared of the thoughts of having anything computer controlled. Quickly had to shut down that mentality as I must separate fiction from nonfiction. I recommend this novel for anyone who is into this type of horror.