a different type of curse…

A Curse So Dark and Lonely – Brigid Kemmerer

Blessings, curses, magic, cerebral palsy, disabilities, fiction.

Rating 10/10

Rhen is cursed to repeat the winter of his eighteenth birthday, by the end of the season he turns into a monster. Grey, his commander to the prince, goes out to find a woman to break the curse. Harper is a girl who endures cerebral palsy does whatever she can to help her mother who has cancer and help her brother pay off debt to bad people. When she witnesses a man about to take a woman she steps in and gets caught in the mess. She is taken with the man to this other realm. She meets Grey and Rhen and hears of the curse as well as how bad off this kingdom is. The enchantress offers Rhen a deal he cannot refuse, and he accepts his fate. Harper quickly learns to adapt and accept a role to help out as much as she can. When the enchantress comes back to tell her news of her family and she begs to be taken back home. She fixes her life and said her final goodbye to her mother. Grey returns injured and needs her help saving Rhen from the curse and the kingdom. Harper returns in hopes of saving Rhen and his kingdom.

This novel felt like a more bad ass version of Beauty and the Beast but very different though. I love how the author created a character who has cerebral palsy who is strong and determined. I hardly ever find stories that depict different-abled people in a positive light, meaning like its not a pity me story, but a narrative of being a fighter and a strong-willed determination. A way to see different-abled persons in a more positive light than people perceive them. Just because they do not have what society considers functional, they are still functional in other ways and calling them disabled has such a negative connotation. Cerebral palsy effects each individual different than others and each person is capable of being strong willed and resilient. I highly recommend giving this book a read. I really loved this novel a lot. I did not put it down at all. Every time that I did, I found myself becoming sad and wanting to read more.

A Cursed Hotel..

Remember Me – Chelsea Bobulski

Young adult, horror, ghosts, past, present, curse, fiction.

Rating 9/10

Nell had moved to the Winslow Grand Hotel and plans to stay due to her father’s new job. Nell was recovering from a traumatic experience and thinks her post traumatic stress disorder is causing her to see things happening in the hotel. Aurelea or Lea, for short, comes to the same hotel centuries before Nell to get married in an arranged marriage to get better financial stability.  Lea doesn’t like her husband to be and wishes to get out of this arranged marriage. Both Nell and Lea interact with this mysterious boy with a chilling history, his name is Alec. Alec first fell in love with Lea and somehow history is repeating itself. Alec finds out that there is a curse that was put on both where whenever iteration of Lea arrives at the hotel, she can’t ever leave after entering and Alec is stuck there permanently. Alec tells this to Lea and Lea is in disbelief. Until she remembers her past lives. They race to break the curse.

I found this novel at first slow and boring but then the plot thickened deeply. I enjoyed reading this young adult novel. Sometimes YA novels are good or bad, this one was good. The alternating perspectives between the past version and the present version is something I hadn’t read before. Bobulski made the form work with the plot and made the story more sinister in the end.