nope didn’t like this new book. Not sorry~

Girl A – Abigail Dean

Thriller, psychological, cults, fiction.

Rating 5/10

Girl A, otherwise known as Lexie, finds out that her mother died in prison. She and her other siblings who suffered the carnage of the abuse find themselves wrapped into the past once again. Their story of how they escaped the cult and abuse tells more secrets of their family. Each of their traumas and the media glare, each struggle with facing what comes to them. All have to agree on the final act and Lexie approaches them all. 

I saw this and was wondering about the hype. I always am wondering about the hype with a lot of these books. I didn’t like this novel as much as others. I don’t know. I think the whole cult thing was overdone. It was also very sad with glimmers of hope. I did like the storytelling and writing. I honestly don’t think this book was for a reader like me. I’m sure another reader would have loved this book but this wasn’t for me personally.


never be too trusting of strangers..

The Family Upstairs – Lisa Jewell

Mystery, cults, fiction.

Rating 9.5/10

Libby comes home to find a letter that revealed that she inherited this house from her birth parents. Libby remembers the stories of her being the baby that survived in the car crash, but the letter suggests that she was left behind in the same house where her parents had committed a suicide pact and her siblings long gone. Wanting to know more she investigates. Lucy is a struggling single parent that escaped a toxic relationship gets the message the baby is 25. Henry recalls all the events that led up from his happy family life that turned into a horror story and how he had to do whatever it took to get out of the hell. Libby finds out the truth through his story and how things weren’t as they had seem, they were much darker.

I was waiting forever to get this book and now that I had it to read, I was excited as well as hyped up. I really loved how this book slowly unfurled the sinister plot of survival. What Henry had to do to get him and the other teenagers out was gutsy and took a lot of courage. This book is worth purchasing, reading, and rereading. I had high expectations with this novel and Lisa Jewell went above and beyond. Except there was a minor plotline had occurred that was never brought up in the rest of the book that would be considered very important in my eyes. That was frustrating and I found it useless to the story. Besides that, the novel was amazing. I can’t believe I waited to read this book and the wait was so worth it.

A Thrilling Marriage ;]

The Marriage Pact – Michelle Richmond

Romance, drama, marriage, pacts, cults, thriller, horror, fiction.

When Jake first laid his eyes on Alice, he wanted her for the rest of his life. He wanted to marry her. After proposing to her and marrying her, they got a gift labeled The Pact. Wondering, they message the person who sent the package. Immediately after some deliberation and conversation, they agree that they want their marriage to last forever. What they don’t know about The Pact is that this is practically a cult with too much power. Immediately there is problems, Alice was outfitted with a refocus mechanism and he wants some damn answers. As time progresses, they both fear for their lives.

I thought this book was going to be a romance, but I was happily wrong. This would be considered a thriller because of some of the elements. This novel questioned everything I ever had thought of marriage and I think this book explores the more extreme ways of keeping the marriage working. I had read this book previously and rereading this novel for the second time, I’ve noticed that there is a lot of chapters that can be cut out that doesn’t make sense to the plot line. Overall this is a good novel. I found myself binge reading like I had done the first time reading this novel. I wish there was more books by this author because Michelle Richmond writes beautifully. Each element is balanced out which I prefer a harmony. I would like this to be expanded because I would love to hear other stories that involve The Pact. Like expand on some of the members and their perspectives. Might be just me wanting more. I wouldn’t mind if the author did this in the future.

Cult Survivor Tale

After the Fire – Will Hill

Cults, survival, psychology, thrilling, suspense, young adult fiction.

Rating 10/10

Moonbeam, a survivor from a cult of the name, Lord’s Legion recounts her daily life leading up to the Fire incident with a psychiatrist. As time progresses, Moonbeam learns to trust those around her who are helping her recover from the incident. She also learns of the orphaned survivors and how they first got help like she did as well as given to loving homes. Moonbeam tells the psychiatrist that she caused all the chaos. No punishments given. Freedom and happiness were given to Moonbeam.

I really love the whole strength of Moonbeams character and how she got guts to do what she did. This young adult novel surprised me in the end. It was very well written and thought into as far as I can tell. I would recommend this novel for sure. It is very detailed and descriptive. There are two alternating segments of this book that is very organized that defines Moonbeam sharing her experiences to the psychiatrist and what she does after the sessions as well as her interactions with other characters. I cried at the end and usually I don’t cry with books but with this one I did. It was sentimental.

Good Plot But Sad

 Dark Places – Gillian Flynn  

Horror, thriller, investigative, homicide, children of murder victims, crimes against family, juvenile crimes, cults, mystery, fiction

Rating 6/10

 Gillian Flynn’s Dark Places is about this young girl, Libby Day” who survived and escaped when her family got murdered in “The Satan’s Sacrifice” in Kansas. Thinking because of her brother, Ben’s, mysterious behaviors and obsession with the Devil, she wrongfully points the finger at him for killing the entire family. As an adult, Libby is contacted by this group that swears that Ben is innocent and that the killer is on the loose. This group helps aid Libby in seeking out the true killer and set free Ben. At the end, Ben is freed from prison and Libby feels better in some ways. Both worried about how they are going to go on with life with the new information that freed Ben as well as how they will cope together.

This book starts off sad and really depressing. The plot is excellent and its thoroughly detailed. However, not my cup of tea of the type of genre. I don’t like to read sad and depressing literature because I seek literature to make me feel happier not depressed.