A.I. VS Witches VS Religion

Crucible – James Rollin

Thriller, fiction.

Rating 10/10

Gray Peirce comes home to find out his house was in shambles as well as his wife, their unborn child, two children are gone. His best friend’s wife is in a comma state. He seeks out who ever done this. They want Eve, the artificial intelligence in exchange of the pregnant woman and two children. Monk has the hospital use their resources to try to revive his wife so that they can have a witness tell them who targeted them. Someone takes a version of Eve and makes an evil and dark version of Eve. This becomes a war over technology and with technology.

I couldn’t put down this book. I simply binge read this novel in two days. I love the blend of action, history, adventure, and science. I blindly chose this book off the shelf and I am not mad at my choice. I enjoyed reading this book. I plan to read more from James Rollin because I love how he writes fiction. This was a page turner for sure. This novel suggests the idea of artificial intelligence technology and proves that A.I. might be dangerous in the wrong hands and in the right hands possibly helpful. I highly recommend this novel.