Witchcraft and LIES

Salem Falls – Jodi Picoult

Drama, crime fiction, witchcraft, drugs, crimes, fiction.

Jack was falsely accused of a crime he did not commit and had to pay for that with eight months in jail. After he got out, he vowed to find a new place to call home since his hometown banished him from ever coming back. He finds a new town called Salem Falls. After getting well adjusted history repeats itself and he is damned determined to be coming out innocent.

I had wanted to read a different author and had picked this novel up months ago. I enjoyed every single moment of this novel the first time and the second time I read this novel I realize why the first time I was hesitant. The start is slow and then builds up. I prefer these types of books because slowly one gets hooked onto the pages. The past and present being separated by chapters assist the story further. I was screaming for the plot to be revealed again. Therefore, I love this novel. It makes me angry and anxious in a good way. I love being kept on my toes when reading a novel.


The Young Life of Trevor Noah

Born a Crime: Stories from A South African Childhood – Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah, comedians, United States, South Africa, Television personalities, nonfiction, memoir.

Rating 8/10

Trevor Noah shares his childhood in this nonfiction novel with vital stories of his upbringing. The main importance of this memoir was the fact he was never meant to be, only because his parents, during an apartheid, had sexual relations. Trevor Noah tells about the laws that were in place to keep the races from intermingling of necessary. Noah shares his active childhood that was troublesome and involved a lot of activities to keep him entertained. Trevor Noah also recounts his school life and the crushes he has had.

As I had read this collection of stories from Trevor Noah’s childhood, I wanted to cry and laugh but mostly I had anger about the whole racism stuff. I enjoyed learning more about one of my favorite comedians especially this one. I would highly recommend to read this memoir and to watch the Trevor Noah Netflix specials too.