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A Court of Mist and Fury – Sarah J. Maas

Fantasy, fiction.

Rating 9/10

Feyre is brought back to life by being turned into a faerie after being murdered. She is taken to the Spring Court and to be wed to Tamlin. She wants to make herself useful and not just a pretty housewife to a Lord. When her wedding day comes, Rhysand comes to claim his part of a deal that he and Feyre had made when they were held prisoners at Under the Mountain. Every month she asks Tamlin to train her and he doesn’t want to train her and makes it a point by doing what he shouldn’t have done. Trapped her in darkness. Rhysand comes to rescue and makes her an offer to work for him. He would teach her everything that she needs to know and won’t be coddled like Tamlin did. Feyre decides to take fate into her own hands and fight for what she loves.

This was rather interesting and I loved the energy that this book has. The interactions felt realistic and the trauma that was addressed really put this book together. Feyre is experiencing PTSD from her time Under the Mountain. In this book we see that she is coping and trying to make herself stronger. Not only her but Rhysand is helping her become stronger without making any excuses that are invalid. I honestly thought at first Feyre and Tamlin were cute but in this book he became a total control freak of a jerk. I honestly do not like Tamlin at this time and am thankful for Rhysand to help Feyre in a time of need. Despite him being a jerk as well, he is a helpful jerk. I might continue the series later but I did like this novel. I wished this was shorter but there is a lot to unravel and the world building continues. I totally appreciate the breadcrumbs and slowly introducing more of this world in a palatable way. There are some spicy scenes and mature scenes so forewarning for whoever reads this book. Overall, I love this novel and I am glad that this is a new adult fantasy that isn’t only smut but actual plot and dialogue. I do recommend this if one is looking for a fantastic fantasy. 


she is not beauty in this one, she’s the beast

A Court of Thorns and Roses – Sarah J. Maas 

Fantasy, fiction. 

Rating 10/10

Feyre is hunting for food for her family who lives in deep poverty. There is a wolf that caught what was supposed to be her kill and she kills the wolf that turned out to be a faerie. Humans and the faeries had been at war and there was a treaty between the two worlds. The faeries stay within their realm and humans stay within their own realm. She doesn’t think much of what she had done until a day or so later, a member of Prythian, comes demanding to know who killed the wolf. Feyre bravely comes forward and the faerie gives her an option, either die right there or live out her sentence in Prythian. She chooses an option where she lives out her sentence in the other realm as punishment for killing a faerie. This faerie takes her to Prythian and introduces himself as Lord Tamlin. He tells her that she is free to do whatever she wishes and that she isn’t really a prisoner. She learns about this realm and comes to slowly to love the faeries. Her attitude towards the faerie changes. Lucien, a friend of Tamlin, tells her about why they wear a mask because of a curse. She demands to know more but she can’t be told. One day, trouble and something wicked comes her way. Tamlin sends her back to the human realm and she knows she no longer fits in with the human realm nor wanted. She returns to Prythian and is told more details of the curse and how she failed to break the curse. Forcing her to go break a spell by all means necessary to save Tamlin and his court. 

I saw this book trending and heard a lot of hype for it. Mostly see it trending on TikTok. I waited too long to start reading this book. This is a retelling of Beauty and the Beast but with a lot of twists, turns, spice, and violence. Not for the faint of heart at all. The writing is exquisitely written, and the lore was spaced out like breadcrumbs in a digestible way. I do have to say there are some explicit scenes that are not suitable for children or teens. This book feels more towards new adults and adult audiences. The plot was thought into and it is noticeably clear of that. Like I mentioned before I was not expecting so many twists and turns with the spice and violence blended and presented as a retelling. I cannot wait to read the next book of this series and I will for sure as I am writing this review, will read the next book immediately. I do recommend this to the audience that wants a spicier retelling of Beauty and the Beast. I jokingly said to my friend that I was curious about how I felt after reading… Feyre is the beast and Tamlin is the beauty. Read the book. It is worth it.

illegal supers?

My Hero Academia Vigilantes Vol. 1

Story – Hideyuki Furuhashi

Art – Betten Court

Original Concept – Kohei Horikoshi

Superheroes, vigilantes, crime fighting, manga, young adult, fiction.

Rating 5/10

Koichi lives in a world where most of the population has a quirk, whether that quirk be useful or strange. He has a slide and glide quirk that doesn’t and isn’t impressive at all. When Knuckleduster arrives and tells Koichi that they must work together to fight as vigilantes, he doesn’t believe in the old man. Both save Pop Step from these villains who prove to be super powerful suddenly. Both investigate this weird occurrences and concluded that since no one is noticing these incidences that they must take matters into their own hands.

I read this because my boyfriend was so fascinated by the plot. I disagree. This feels very much like the main series but without hero fighting but just being vigilantes. I only liked one character, but she wasn’t the focus of the manga. This manga wasn’t my favorite and I prefer the other manga My Hero Academia over this one. There wasn’t much substance to the plot and felt more of a crime fighting rather than wholesome as My Hero Academia was.