two worlds collide

Pride, Prejudice, and Other Flavors – Sonali Dev

Contemporary, Indian culture, family, romance, fiction.

Rating  9/10

Trish is a doctor and a black sheep of an overachieving family. DJ Caine has to work long and enduring hours to make sure that his little sister gets the treatment she needs. Both come from different worlds and yet they collide over Emma, her patient, and his sister. After being accepted back into the family, no longer being a black sheep, family events turn out better. DJ and Trish soon to learn to break the walls between them for the sake for Emma.

I liked this novel a lot. it felt for sure as if this were a modern take on Pride and Prejudice but with a twist. I enjoyed reading this for sure. Especially how the hate to love story that is within the novel. Its not the entire focus of the narrative but its addition helped along the novel. I could not help but to take my time reading this novel. There is so much within this novel that it is wise to slowly indulge with this novel. I highly do recommend this novel.

heartfelt <3

Komi Can’t Communicate Vol. 1 – Tomohito Oda

Contemporary, high school, communication disorder, manga, fiction.

Rating 10/10

Tadano moves to a new high school and wants to be normal even though he is beyond normal. He runs across this girl who is always silent. A fellow classmate tells him that Komi doesn’t speak at all. Never mutters a word and she is worshipped like royalty. He doesn’t believe it until after class, he confronts her to talk with her. After a few minutes of failed attempt to make her talk, he gives up just as she decides to write what’s wrong with her. She suffers a communication disorder and feels bad that she can’t speak to anyone. She confides into him that she wants to make one-hundred friends. He promises to help her gain that number of friends.

I was hunting for manga that wasn’t so science fiction nor fantasy, just contemporary fiction, and was happy to have found this gem. I can’t express how much this manga left me feeling after I finished reading. I was on a rollercoaster of emotions with this manga. There were times where I was like going aww, tearing up, and laughing. A truly heartfelt manga that is about the difficulties that those who have communication disorders face every day. It’s not that they don’t want to be social, they can’t be social. This brought to me an understanding with some people who suffers communication disorders or different abled abilities that causes them to not be able to speak. I highly want everyone to read this manga because it’s truly a work of contemporary manga that can be read to understand the perspectives of those who medically can’t speak.

Blossoming Romance

I Married My Best Friend to Shut My Parents Up

Story and Art – Kodama Naoko

Manga, romance, contemporary, LGBTQ+, fiction.

Rating 9.5/10

Morimoto is being harassed by her parents to settle down with a husband, but Morimoto doesn’t want that life just yet. She’s enjoying being happily single and committed to her job. Her friend, Hana, offers to be fake married to her to help Morimoto not be harassed by her parents. Morimoto agrees to do this plan and the plan works. Only thing is that Hana must live with Morimoto for a while. Morimoto doesn’t mind until she finds herself craving Hana’s company. Morimoto starts to fall for Hana slowly and they decide to work on their relationship.

My boyfriend and I were looking for manga to read and he picked up this one to show me. At first, I thought that this manga was going to be some horrible romance comedy. Turns out, this one was very sweet, and very heart felt[KS1] . I enjoyed the sweet message that the manga left for the reader to find. I won’t say what the message is because that would spoil the ending. Overall, this manga surprised me in a lot of ways and opened my mind about reading manga. Not all manga is actiony and or science fiction, they can have contemporary storylines. I will continue to broaden my search for more variety of forms of literature.



Roomies – Christina Lauren

Marriage, contemporary women, love stories, romance, fiction.  

Rating 3/10

Holland fell for this musician she stumbled upon while taking an adventure from her apartment to the subway. After a nasty fall, its clear that he saved her life. Holland wants to give him a reward, a role in one of her uncle’s play. Unfortunate she learns that he is an illegal immigrant and she thought of a way for him to stay, she decides to marry him and pretend being married, until pretending became reality.

I didn’t really like this novel. It felt too rushed in my opinion as well as a overused trope. Nothing fresh here.

He Got Out :0

The Friend Zone – Abby Jimenez

Contemporary romance, infertility, fiction.

Rating 9.8/10

Kristen has a condition that prevents her from ever having children. Other than that, she is a woman who manages her own business and has a boyfriend in the Military who is hardly ever home. Josh is a guy who got away from his hometown due to his breakup with this woman who didn’t want him anymore. Josh and Kristen meet after a rear-ending accident, there is instant chemistry that both tried to deny. Both are at points of their lives where they can’t find a middle. After she breaks up with her boyfriend and cuts off things with Josh, life begins to spiral for both causing them to be in each other’s lives for good.

I was expecting something else, but this novel really surprised me. I love romance comedies for a reason, and this proved exactly why they’re great. Equal amounts of tears and laughter. The heart felt part of this story was when Kristin is dealing with infertility because many women do struggle to become fertile. As serious of a topic that is, the character balances out the sadness with some snarky comedy. I highly would reread this novel on any day. I finished this book in a single day. That’s how great the novel was. I wished this novel was longer because I felt that the narrative could’ve been longer. Anyways, a great book. Go find it. Read it. With a box of tissues and be ready to have lungs ache from all the laughter.

Hidden Evil

Then She Was Gone – Lisa Jewell

Contemporary women, suspense, family life, fiction

Rating 8/10

Laurel Mack loved her daughter, Ellie, who was bright and smart. Suddenly one day, she becomes missing. Laurel had the police keep an ongoing investigation to look for any evidence to see if Ellie was alive. Numerous incidences give hints to her daughter being alive and or presumed dead. The police contact Laurel and tell her that they found remains of her daughter, signs of a horrific death. This news puts Laurel into shock and depression of the worst kind. Laurel slowly moves on by dating this guy she met, Floyd, at the coffee shop. Both chat and he told her about his kids, and she tells him about her kids. When she comes over to his house, Laurel sees Poppy, who looks like her daughter who was gone. After some consideration and sudden realization, she sees the dark and ugly truth.

I grabbed this book from the shelf because I saw online that this novel was popular. I see a little why this novel was popular or is popular. Horror and suspense are always a good read but throw in some mad women and kidnapping, it’s a bestseller. Not that I hated this book, I enjoyed the novel. I personally thought the novel’s length could be longer and more in-depth with each character’s backgrounds. Yes, this was Laurel’s tale, but the author included other points of view that, at first, didn’t make sense of whom was telling the story until there was contextual clues that the perspective changed. Otherwise, this was a great book and I would recommend to anyone who is interested in the suspense fiction genre.

Isolation Can Be BAD

Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine – Gail Honeyman

Single women, social isolation, intergenerational relations, friendship, computer technicians, Glasgow, Ireland, psychological, contemporary women, fiction.

Rating 7/10

Eleanor Oliphant is a woman with an interesting personality and ideology for life due to her past trauma involving a psychotically mentally ill mother. Eleanor has a schedule that consists of Monday through Friday working at her job. From Friday to Sunday, she drinks one bottle of vodka throughout the weekend and doing her usual routine. Eleanor is fine with this lifestyle. When unusual and unpolite behavior comes across her way, she tries to understand life through her own ways of interpretation. Raymond comes into her life and he changes her life. Raymond shows her that life should be way better than just fine. Through life changing events, Eleanor heals from past trauma and becomes herself the way she wants to be.

I did like this book in the beginning. As I saw one of my college professors reading this novel and spoke about the novel with deep interest. I personally saw Eleanor as antisocial, but I had guessed due to past traumas. Overall, this book was fine and was short but with a thick plot that should’ve and could’ve been expanded into a lengthier story. I just did not like the climax, but the ending sufficed enough. Maybe in the future I will reread this novel and give the novel another chance possibly.