home is where ever they go because they are with each other

Fly Me to the Moon Vol 4 – Kenjiro Hata

Romance, contemporary, young adult, manga, fiction. 

Rating 10/10

Nasa and Tsukasa return from touring the Kyoto area and getting to know his parents to find that his home got burned up. Now they have nowhere else to go, one of his friends offers a room at the place he is a regular. Throughout this, they find romance and make memories with each other. Nasa learns what it is like to treat his wife to things that she deserves. Their next adventure would be finding their own place to live at. 

Okay, this one was definitely cuter than the previous volume. They are so cute that one has to obviously ship the two. There are some pervy parts in this one but there is too much romance and fluff that it goes unnoticed. I’m so happy to have found this series and can’t wait for the rest to come out. I am 100% deeply invested in this manga series.

so much fluff and romance

Fly Me to the Moon Vol 3 – Kenjiro Hata

Romance, contemporary, young adult, manga, fiction. 

Rating 10/10

Nasa realizes that their home is small and sort of cramped. He wants to move to a bigger space but she is happily content. He convinces her that they can get a bigger space for the two and get more stuff that she likes. Now that she’s on board with that idea but points out that a new bigger home would be costly. Nasa knows who to go get help for a bigger place, his parents. In realizing this, he forgot to inform them that they got married. He wants the best for his wife and will do anything to prove that he loves her. 

I was struggling to find this manga volume. As one can tell, I am deeply invested in this series. There are a lot of cute and hilarious moments. Moments that made me go aww and cried cause it was so much fluff and romance. I’m so happy when I found this and I found the fourth volume as well. I sincerely recommend this manga series because there is a lot of cute fluff and moments that will make one’s heart melt. The artwork and dialogue are perfect and well done. Unfortunately there are only four volumes but this can be a way to catch up if there is more coming out later this year. I saw at Barnes & Nobles that there are four more coming out this year which is great news.

funny and fluff

Fly Me to the Moon: Vol 2 – Kenjiro Hata 

Contemporary, romance, manga, older teens, fiction.

Rating 9/10

Nasa takes his new wife, Tsukasa, to the bathhouse since his living arrangements currently don’t have a shower or bath. They come back when her sister arrives and declares that she doesn’t approve of Nasa. Her sister kidnaps him and tries to ruin the relationship but he is loyal to Tsukasa. Tsukasa sees the loyalty and Nasa proposes to her, even though they are married. We follow them through their lives together. 

I was hunting down this series like a mad woman. I needed to read more and more of this. I want to know who and what Tsukasa is. There are some hints of possibly a being from the moon and or different planet. The artwork is splendid and the dialogue. I was laughing and going ‘aww’ throughout this volume. I highly recommend reading this manga series. This might take a while to complete but one hundred percent worth waiting.

her voice will be LOUD

The Girl With The Louding Voice – Abi Dare 

Contemporary, POC Representation, Fiction. 

Rating 10/10

Adunni dreams of obtaining an education and not having to stay in her village. Her mother, before she died, asked her father to promise to let Adunni go to school and get an education. Her father began to face financial trouble and needed to marry off Adunni. She begs and his words are the law of the house. Adunni does not give up and doesn’t want to give up from obtaining her dream of being educated and go to school. She will have the loudest voice. 

I saw this at my local bookstore and I loved the synopsis thus making me want to read this novel. Adunni’s passion for learning is very inspiring and fighting to get an education is empowering. There are regions all around the globe where education is not easy nor cheap to obtain. Adunni’s story speaks that message in huge volumes. Having an education is very important and Adunni sees that. I loved the storytelling and the use of language that was present. I felt very submerged into the narrative and felt a lot of emotions through the main character. I was hoping for more to see Adunni continue her education. In other words I was heavily invested in this story that the author created. This book needs to have more hype and more people going and buying this book.

so adorable I can’t even come up with a actual title

Written in the Stars – Alexandra Bellefleur

Romance, contemporary, fiction. 

Rating 11/10

Darcy never wants to be involved with love after her disastrous relationship that left her jaded. However, her brother sets her up with one blind date too far and she tells him that she can’t attend this speed dating because she is already into the blind date, his business partner, Elle. Her brother is happy that she found a potential partner. Elle is not amused with the lie that Darcy told and both agreed mutually that they will fake it until an expiration date. However, the stars have different plans for the two. 

I saw this trending and of course I had to read to see what the hype is all about. All I can say is that I think the hype was not enough. I love this fake it trope that leads to actual love and romance. This was really sweet and I found it so adorable. Love sometimes happens and one has to be fully prepared. My heart melted so many times while reading this and I can’t get enough of this romance. I wish this was longer but a standalone is just perfect and the length here was good. There are an awful lot of constellations and astrological references which all makes sense and I was like wow the author is into this stuff or did a lot of research. I felt myself rooting for Darcy to like being into the stuff but she gives in at some point. This book would be great for astrological enthusiasts. I loved this book and definitely would reread this book and or gift to others.

aww purrfect novel I ever read

I am a Cat: Vol 1-3 – Soseki Natsume 

Contemporary, cat’s perspective, fiction. 

Rating 10/10

This unnamed cat lives with this human that is a very intelligent and artful person. The cat shares his unique perspective on life. He analyzes humanity in a very blunt way to the truth through each day. This unnamed cat shares his life of napping and eating food. He dreams of catching a rat like the other cats in the neighborhood. He moves from household to household observing humanity while taking luxurious naps. Life is pretty interesting for this cat. 

I had read the first chapter in my Japanese Literature class and that was just a tease. I loved this so much I had to get the whole three volumes. My life would be incomplete if I didn’t finish the novel. I love that this takes place in the Meiji era and the perspective is told through the cats point of view. There are hardly ever any novels that are told through the perspective of a cat. I was happy that I got this book because as I had read this book I lost my fur baby. We had to put her down due to a health issue. She had lived for sixteen years and that is a long time for a cat. She was my best friend who I loved with all my heart. I read this because I needed something wholesome and heart warming. This book brings all that to the table with perspectives of the Meiji era in Japan with the cat perspective. Also, the book is rather thick but worth it from the cover to the last page because it is full of adventures that I didn’t want to go into detail. I highly recommend to all cat lovers to read this novel.

this was interesting

Mail-Order Brit – Poppy Parkes 

Contemporary, romance, novelette, fiction. 

Rating 9/10

Sage is in desperate financial help to pay off her college loans. Arthur needs a mother figure for his children after their mother passed away because of cancer and babysitters aren’t cutting it. Sage and Arthur turn to mail order bride services and get paired to each other to solve each of their life’s difficulties. Fate has something in store for the two. 

This was heartwarmingly sweet. The plot was different than I had read along with the characters. I found that this was a perfect one sitting romance that played the marriage by convenience trope well. I haven’t come across one that was like this good. This was rather fast paced for my choosing but given that this was a novelette, there are limitations for length. I personally liked this book. If anyone likes the trope and wants to read something short, this book is perfect.

Loved this novel, had to reread.

If I was Your Girl – Meredith Russo

LGBTQ+, young adult, contemporary, fiction.

Rating 10/10

Beginning at a new high school, Amanda just wants to make friends and survive high school. She meets Grant and falls head over heels for him but she fears that if she told him about who she was before, that he wouldn’t be as accepting. They grow close together and she finds out that she has to give others the benefit of the doubt. As well as learning more about herself. 

I had to read this book again because I read this years ago and this book never got the recognition that the book should have had. I feel that this book is appropriate for everyone to read because this gives insight of what it is like to be a transwoman in this society. Transwomen are real women just as transmen are real men. I cried throughout this book because I have had a transwoman at my community college assaulted for going to the ‘wrong bathroom’ and thinking of all the teens out there who just want to feel comfortable with their own bodies. This author does paint a happy ending but sometimes in reality there are no happy endings for teens who come out as trans. This author did a good job of writing the plot with the characters. I do have to say go read this book. I liked it a lot. This book needs way more hype and more attention to this novel.

eyes on you

Watching You – Lisa Jewell

Contemporary women, family life, suspense, fiction.

Rating 9/10

Joey and her husband move into a new neighborhood after getting secretly married at a beach and had a glorious honeymoon. As Joey explores the new town, her eyes are drawn to Tom, a man who was very physically attractive. She grows close to him to the point of obsession. That obsession led to him being a murder victim and everyone in town is a suspect, including her.

This is a classic who did it with a twist. I loved the plot that led up to the climax and the transcripts of the police reports makes the novel feel so realistic. Even though they wouldn’t be publicized, I loved the chilling aspect. I couldn’t get enough of the plot nor the characters. There are some plot twists but overall, pretty suspenseful as promised from the synopsis and after reading. I suspected the novel to produce another chilling suspense fictional novel. Jewell has a knack for interesting suspense fiction. I do recommend this novel or any of her novels. I’ve read three of her works and found myself loving her work and her writing.

this book was banned…

The Hate U Give – Angie Thomas

Young adult, contemporary, fiction.

Rating 15/10

Starr lives in a poor black neighborhood and goes to a school in another neighborhood. She and her best friend, Khalid, are on their way home when they are pulled over by a cop. The white cop asks Khalid to get out of the car and moments later he is shot. Starr witnessed her best friend’s death and had a gun drawn on her. The next couple days, she hears his name and all the horrible names. Her boyfriend, Chris, and her friends at the high school don’t understand her world and she tries to tell them everything. Starr has a falling out with a friend who doesn’t quite understand that her words are hurtful especially at a time like this. During this time, Starr’s neighborhood has become a war zone, and no one is safe. The white cop has a sob story, and everyone seems to believe the white cop’s perspective. Starr stands up and tells her side of the story, her perspective of what happened to her best friend despite the consequences and dangers she will face.

I heard this book was on the challenged and YA (young adult) banned book list. I had to investigate and wonder why people have a problem with this novel. The main complaint is the violence and language. I don’t understand the violence and language complaint, but that did not distract from the narrative Angie Thomas was telling. She was telling a story of how many black teens and young adults’ lives are impacted daily in black poor communities. Also the adult’s who struggle as well because they have to work harder. Starr gives a perspective of how it feels to witness a best friend’s death and injustice of a system that was supposed to protect everyone but instead took the life of her best friend. The discrimination they are faced with and the straight up racism. Police violence is nothing new, this has always been here. This novel is a great insight of how the criminal justice system is racist and does not serve justice where it needs to be served. The systematic and institutionalized racism needs to end. Starr’s story is not some made up fantasy, this is a reality. I honestly think people are uncomfortable because of the truth and they want to censor the truth and realities. I do not think this book should have been banned, I think this needs to become apart of high school curriculum and be allowed to read by everyone. I love this book for the way it is, and I do not think this book deserves to be banned.