i waited FOREVER and it was WORTH IT

Ready Player Two– Ernest Cline

Science fiction, Fiction.

Rating 11/10

Wade and his friends become the new owners of Oasis and GSS enterprises. In secret, a new technology was revealed to Wade, the ONI headset. This headset allowed users to safely experience all their senses during their duration of time on OASIS. Anything was possible. Wade and his friends, minus Artemis, agree to make this into an affordable device, a new riddle appears as well. It takes a rogue version of Anorak to make the high Five must retrieve what was said in the riddle.

I really loved this novel and I think I liked this more than the first because there was a slow build up. However, it was not boring build up either. The twist should have been predictable for Wade, but some characters are just oblivious at times. I would have liked this novel to be longer but unfortunately it would not have fit the plot purpose. The writing was fantastic, and all the references was so incredible. If you are a Prince lover, you would appreciate some of this book for sure. The ending however feels like there might be a third book in this series. Secretly I am hoping for another book in the series because I do not feel that the ending was justified and was too much of a cliff hanger. I do recommend reading the first book then this book as well. This was worth the wait.

Virtual Reality Future Predictions?

Ready Player One – Ernest Cline

Young adult, science fiction, future, technology, nostalgic, gaming, virtual reality, romance, drama, action


In “Ready Player One” by Ernest Cline, it is a tale of the future where all happens in a virtual world called OASIS. Wade Watts is a teenager on a mission to decipher these riddles that was proposed by the father of OASIS, James Halliday, who died and, in his wake, had left a competition to get ownership of the OASIS. Seems easy just decipher the riddles and collect the three keys. Wrong. They are hidden across the OASIS. In order to understand where Halliday hid the keys, Wade had studied James Halliday’s autobiography and history as well to possibly find the three keys. Wade isn’t the only one trying to find the keys. Everyone wants to own the OASIS. Even a money hungry corporation that threatens OASIS. With the help of his friends Aech, Shoto, Daito, and Art3mis, they successfully find all three keys.

I have to say this book is incredible and well written as well as well thought into. Very detailed and strong story line that keeps one on their toes. A real page turner at that. I continuously reread this book. Really loved how they explained in detail how society became after OASIS was integrated into daily life. Also with that thought, it gave an insight of how technology can become consuming. Even in the now, as I go out and about, I see people always on their phone. That is getting off topic but relates to the book’s theme.

I had went and seen the movie. I was gravely disappointed that they didn’t fully follow the story line of the book. However, movies tend to be that way especially if they were books at first. Damn you Steven Spielberg… We were rooting for you..

Cline, Ernest. Ready Player One: a Novel. Crown Publishers, 2011