… the angel of music…

Roseblood – A.G. Howard

Phantom of the Opera, retelling, classic, young adult, fiction.

Rating 8/10

Ever since Rune was old enough to sing, her voice has been so powerful, this overpowers her completely and leaves her incapacitated. Thorn and the Phantom had arranged for Rune to come to the French boarding school. To lure her to the Phantom and to her dark doom. As Rune arrived at the French boarding school, she does occasionally see Thorn but as a masked person. She has seen him in her dreams and wonders if he is her maestro. Someone who can help her control her singing talent. Thorn develops a love for Rune and must decide whether he should continue these feelings. He does not want to do his caretakers bidding. Rune needs to be careful with Thorn and at the academy. Otherwise history will repeat itself but in a more horrific way.

I was intrigued by this retelling and had to get it. Overall, the writing is amazing as well as the plot with the characters. I only wished that it were more fast paced. This was more exciting than the original, but others might disagree if one were to read this. I do recommend this novel if one were into the whole Phantom of the Opera book. This does sort of carry the same themes except its like another generation situation. Which was odd but I know it is a trope that is somewhat overused. In this case, it was alright in the end.


Monterey is a beautiful place…

Tortilla Flat – John Steinbeck

Hispanic Americans, Monterey, classic literature, fiction.

Rating 8/10

Danny returns home from the war and deals with life after the war. Danny realizes that he owns two houses and decides to share with his good friend Pilon whom Danny let’s stay at the second house. Pilon promises to pay for the room and be a good friend. Time progress and two more people, Pablo and Jesus Maria join into the group. They navigate together in an unforgettable adventure and get a sense of belonging amongst each other in Monterey.

I was recommended this author to read since I plan to move to Monterey. I loved this novel and I found the Arthurian legend themes in a new and modern adaptation with the place of Monterey was really intriguing, Usually I have a harder time reading classics, but this came at an ease. I binge read this novel so fast. I do recommend this novel for sure. I had a good time reading this novel. I plan to read another book of Steinbeck’s.

Not the Disney Version

Tarzan of the Apes – Edgar Rice Burroughs

Classic English literature, fiction.

Rating 10/10

John Clayton took his wife, Alice, on an expedition in hopes of finding new land and such. When mutiny happens, he and his wife is sparred but left on an island to fend for themselves while waiting to be rescued. Accepting fate that they are not to be rescued by no one, John and Alice take refuge on the island and brave the island like their ancestors had done before. His wife borne a son and a year later dies. Leaving John to protect himself and the baby. Sadly, as a group of gorillas come upon the cottage, he is brutally killed. His son was rescued by the female gorilla by the name of Kala. After losing her own baby, she sees the baby as an opportunity to raise a child. As time progresses, young Tarzan learns to survive in the jungle, doing what it takes to survive. Young Tarzan learns of a man-made cabin and discovers literature inside. Up until his young adulthood he had no clue of other beings that were like him. Tarzan realizes he is a man and not an ape. When more of his kind arrive in the Jungle, Tarzan obsesses over Jane Porter and takes her with him. Tarzan goes with Jane Porter to where his kind are and where he truly belongs.

I really enjoyed reading this classical novel very much. It is an incredible book about man versus man, man versus nature, and man versus himself. The ability to survive and live through times where it’s dangerous as well as harsh conditions is expressed in this novel. This was not what I had expected and completely different from Disney’s Tarzan. It might be a bit sadder, but it is a good read. I highly recommend giving this novel a chance. I purely thought that I was going to hate this book but nope, it’s my favorite now. I prefer this version over Disney’s version because this is reality versus cartoon fantasy. It had a satisfying ending for me, and it was a cliff hanger. Also knowing that there is an actual sequel I plan to read the sequel as well.

They Made Several Movies Out of This One!

The War of the Worlds – H.G. Wells

Science fiction, English classic, fiction

Rating 8/10

The narrator makes note of astrological subjects and observes Mars closely. After an object, what was a shooting star, lands on Earth and what comes out looks weak to the observers. Unknowing that these Martians will unleash destruction on Earth. It’s a war against the Martians and humanity wins.

This was a unique English classical literature piece that was very science fiction and modern which I do not mind that at all. I enjoyed the novel. I only wished that it was more direct of who the narrator was. It was overall good, but I prefer a bit more direct character in first person, not some narrator in first person. It gets confusing and disruptive when one can’t tell who is recounting the story. 

Interesting Victorian Romance

Pride and Prejudice – Jane Austen

English classic literature, fiction.

Rating 7/10

 In a world where social class and marriage is important for positive social attitudes towards such persons of interests, Pride and Prejudice explores scandal and heartache due to misunderstandings. Elizabeth Bennet is looking for a suitor and future husband that meets her standards. Mr. Darcy is looking for a wife that meets his standards. Both can’t stand each other but they keep having this chemistry that can’t deny their attraction, Elizabeth denies Mr. Darcy’s proposal, and this creates a scandal for the century. In the end, they do become engaged after Mr. Darcy proposes again.

I am not a fan of this romance English classic literature theme, but it was thrilling to read, and it was humorful. I enjoyed the fact that a man can’t handle rejection. This novel is okay, but it was sort of confusing to read and seeing what is actually happening. Its fine because its in the formal English rather than it being a modernized version of the novel that dumbs it down to easier terms. I prefer a challenge when it comes to reading classical literature.