Mermaids are Neat Creatures

The Mermaid – Christina Henry

Sideshows, mermaids, circus, fantasy, fiction.

Rating 8/10

A mermaid becomes curious of land and finds herself realizing she can turn her mermaid fin into two legs and walk on land. She approaches a fisherman by the name of Jack, and he knew she was a mermaid, one that he had caught and released back into the ocean. Jack taught her English and other necessary things for survival. They had lived in the cottage together for a while until he left on an expedition and never returned. Amelia, deciding to keep the name, lives in the cottage and interacts with the village folk. Barnum is looking for a new exhibition and wants a mermaid. He sends his henchman to find a mermaid in the small village that was rumored that inhabits a mermaid. Levi finds Amelia, she at first claims she is no mermaid and the rumors are of drunken fishermen. Amelia decides for herself to go to the Museum and make a deal with Barnum. Barnum is proud of Levi and rewards him. Amelia confronts Barnum about multiple issues and Levi agrees with her points. Barnum fails to see and fails to be reasoned with. Levi has fallen for Amelia and vice versa. They married and had a child together and leave the circus for good.

I enjoyed this novel so much. I recommend this to mermaid fanatics to read this novel. It was well put together and a page turner. There were no dull moments in this novel nor was plain. The way the author told the story and added so much plot made the story interesting. The take on the mythology of mermaids was unique and was not cliché. My only problem with the novel was that it was the stereotypical circus man seeking new attractions was an issue but nonetheless it was a good novel overall.

A Different Type of Circus

The Night Circus – Erin Morgenstern

Magicians, circus, games, circus performers, contest, rivalries, romance, fiction

Rating 10/10

This is not a usual circus story that has been told never before until now. Two individuals, Celia and Marco, both trained in the art of magician manipulation in different ways are prepped from a young age for a game in their adulthood. To battle each other in who is best in tricks. Slowly Marco and Celia begin to fall into another dangerous game, love. Sadly, only one wins to be head magician of the Night Circus. Everything is at stake for Marco and Celia as well as for those around them because two power houses can’t be in the same place without severe and devasting consequences. Only one can be the last man or woman standing.

I have always loved this book and have re-read it so many times. Its one of those books where one can’t get tired of the story. I love the dynamic and Morgenstern really has a page turning characteristic in this novel that doesn’t allow the reader to “simply” put it down. I just can’t further describe how much I love this novel. I wish that this was a series to follow what is to come after the aftermath of the competition. Or any other stand alone novels about the other characters because they’re pretty interesting as well as the two protagonists. Sadly, I am not the author so maybe one day, Morgenstern might do just that.