Zombie Cliche

World War Z – Max Brooks

Zombies, war, oral history, apocalypse, fiction, survival

Rating 3/10

World War Z starts off with an epidemic of this disease that no one is sure of the origin of the disease, only that it made people who contract through a singular bite, become zombielike and very violent. Only that it had to come from a small village who thought the ones who got sick, demonic or possessed. Told as interviews through various perspectives of this war against the zombies. It is history from patient zero until after the war was done.

Not much to say other than not a fan of zombie stuff but wanted to give this novel a fair chance to prove a point that zombies may not just be boring supernatural creatures. This entire novel is cliché of all types of zombies and survival stories. It wasn’t thrilling as it is told from a historical point of view. Maybe if it wasn’t so cliché that I would have finished reading it but I can only handle so much zombie survival clichés in one sitting. Not sorry to give it a low rating.